Trannies blow it at OC CRA endorsement meeting!

I met the other day with a very respected local elected official who had this to say about the “Trannies” – the followers of Assemblyman Van Tran – “they appear to be in complete and utter disarray.” That was proven true again today as the Trannies failed to rig the Orange County California Republican Assembly (CRA) endorsement for their gal Dina “Ding-Dong” Nguyen, in her pathetic campaign against the popular incumbent in the First District, Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

The first vote garnered Janet 11 votes, one shy of the number needed for an endorsement. There were several other votes. Each time the Trannies just could not gather enough votes for their candidate to prevail. Again and again they tried and each time they came up snake-eyes as Dina failed to get the endorsement, which was of course a victory for Supervisor Nguyen.

According to an inside source, at least one of the Trannies’ allies voted for Supervisor Nguyen. “Tim Whitacre and his Trannie allies looked like they were trying to herd cats, as they failed over and over to get Dina the votes she needed,” said my source.

And so the misery continues for the Trannies. Earlier this year their previous candidate, Trung “B.K.” Nguyen was forced to pull out of the race for the First District when word of his bankruptcy was leaked to the local Vietnamese press. Then their new candidate, Dina, screwed up not once but twice as she tried to file her candidate’s paperwork with the O.C. Voter Registrar’s office. She finally succeeded when Andy Quach, yet another Trannie, stepped in to fill out the forms for her. What a lame attorney Dina must be if she cannot even file basic candidate’s forms!

Congratulations Supervisor Nguyen on punking Dina and her keystone cop allies at today’s O.C. CRA endorsement meeting! I am told we will have a video recording of Dina’s failure later today or tomorrow for our readers to watch and laugh at.

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