Rosie Avila running again for Congress

Santa Ana School Board Member Rosie Avila pulled papers today to run for Congress, against Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist, in the 47th Congressional District.

Liberal OC blogger Sean Mill theorized in a post today that this means she won’t be running again for the School Board. I don’t know about that. If she loses in the primary, as she did in 2006 against Tan Nguyen, a member of the “Trannies,” the acolytes of Assemblyman Van Tran, she could indeed run again for the School Board.

However, Avila should beat Gilchrist. She actually raised a ton of money in 2006, but stupidly did not pay for any mailers. She understimated Tan Nguyen, who was a former Democrat. This time she will likely unload on Gilchrist, who angered the Minutemen when he sued them last year. Besides, Avila is just as anti-Mexican as Gilchrist. So he has no advantage there.

Avila, whose family was German but lived in Guatemala, married a Latino. But she is no Latina. She is very conservative – pro-life, anti-gay, etc. While she may best Gilchrist, she has no chance against Sanchez.

However, it may well be that Avila is jumping off the school board because the school district is seriously tanking. It is in fact in danger now of a state takeover. So it makes sense for her to bid adieu to the SAUSD.

For Avila this campaign will likely mark the end of her career in politics. Even if she does lose the primary, she may well decide not to run for the school board. I hope Mill is right about that.

UPDATE: Gilchrist did not file today so he is out. This means that Avila’s seat on the SAUSD school board will be open in November. Adios Rosie – good riddance!

UPDATE: Total Buzz is reporting that Gilchrist “has decided to endorse Santa Ana School Board member Republican Rosie Avila.”

Here are a few more excerpts from Total Buzz:

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