Placentia public works director jailed for trying to hire immigrant workers

This story is hard to believe. The O.C. Register is reporting that the Director of Public Works in Placentia was arrested in Lake Forest, by O.C. Sheriff’s deputies, for stopping to hire immigrant day workers at a strip center. Apparently the strip center hired a security guard who called the cops when he saw the transaction going on.

City Public Works directors make a lot of money. This guy, Gerry Hubble, probably makes well over $150,000 a year. So he can afford to hire legitimate contractors, but now he is being punished for trying to help the poor. Unbelievable.

Why are home owners treated as employers when they hire help to work in their garden or do other small jobs around the house? Couldn’t you say that the workers are independent contractors? Why are the cops in Lake Forest harassing people who just need a little help around the house?

Of course the Minutemen are thrilled at Hubble’s arrest. Now they are threatening to go protest at the Placentia City Hall. I hope they get out of hand so the Placentia cops can arrest them too. Memo to the Minutemen – there are a lot of Latinos in Placentia. You won’t be welcomed there with open arms!

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