News Flash…McCain has an idea!

For a guy that said he had no idea on economic issues….John McCain jumped up to
bid regarding the International SIV/Strategic Investment Vehicles/Collateral Damage Obligations/Hedge Funds and Derivatives – Sub-Prime/Cash Credit Crunch for Banks
and Investments Houses……all around the world. It was a big step for the guy that
said not long ago: “I have no idea!”….regarding economic down turns! By all accounts..there are a total of over 8,000 Hedge Funds out there! All of which have
no regulatory oversight! McCain seems to sense the urgency!

McCain’s voice for once, was steady, even toned and on point. Whoever wrote the speech must have been watching the latest Cutting Edge – On Target with Team
Members Sandra Genis, Larry Gilbert and Former Congressman Bill Dannemeyer. It
seems that no matter what point of the political compass you are coming from…..
the dark days and possible shadows of 2009 loom large! McCain stepped up to the plate with actual ideas to halt the meltdown. He agrees with former Bush (the younger) Chairman of Economic Advisers R. Glenn Hubbard…as seen on the Sunday
talk shows with Larry Summers of Clinton Fame. Even Summers had to agree…that
Fed interest rates may have fallen enough to cause serious inflation in the months ahead. McCain differs from Hillary in that he doesn’t want to bail out greedy Investment Houses or home buyers that put no money down and didn’t have the ability to pay back anything. Even the poor buyers became abject “Speculators”…hoping
that the rising Home prices would hold. They didn’t and now world money markets
are marking down both their properties and their investments. How far? McCain is ready for some serious regulatory therapies….which have been a long time coming.

So, what’s up with McCain? Can it be that the Conservative Republicans for Obama
have gotten his attention? We are’nt ready to run and jump back on the Straight
Talk Express just yet…..but we found McCain (if he was an Evangelical) to find
a higher purpose and possibly be taking the Conservative Base into some sort of consideration…whether it is too late or not….will be determined in November.

In the meantime, Bear Stearns got a gift….by having JP Morgan offer a five fold
increase in it’s share price. Talk about self serving…this is just giving the
share holders a few bucks in the short term. It does raise the value of Bear Sterns
from $200 Million Dollars to a quick $1 Billion. Which is only a 50% devaluation
for Bear Sterns and their stockholders. But since JP Morgan already now owns it
the Bear deal is simply a paper transfer. Perhaps JP Morgan was worried…it could
wind up on the trailing edge and be hit by another domino! So instead of $2 bucks
a share, JP now pays $10….nice touch!

All in all, world markets are still a real mess and the EU is really worried because
the talk on the street is…that even the US is more productive, by a bunch than the EU! Horrors in Brugge, Brussels and Antwerp!!! Let’s wait and see what happens in
November and better yet by January of 2009! In the meantime, John McCain… will need a whole bunch more of those great speeches…to get your base back! We will be there to monitor your progress!

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