McClintock collected per diems – but he lives near state capitol

Say it ain’t so! State Senator Tom McClintock, who has sold himself as a paragon of fiscal conservatism throughout his long political career has been outed by the L.A. Times for what he really is – another double-talking Republican.

“McClintock and his family live year-round in Elk Grove, 14 miles from the state Capitol. He moved to the Sacramento suburb in 1996, when he was elected to the state Assembly, and he bought a five-bedroom, 4,090-square-foot home in 2004. His children attend Elk Grove schools and his wife works at a Baptist church there,” according to the L.A. Times.

But McClintock maintains a home in Thousand Oaks in order to qualify for the per diem – and in order to say that he lives in his legislative district, even though he really doesn’t.

“Overall, McClintock has received $306,000 in per diem while living in Elk Grove during his eight years in the Senate and previous four years in the Assembly. Last year, the senator collected $36,012 in per diem, a record amount for him.”

Here are a few more damning excerpts from the L.A. Times:

Most legislators whose year-round homes are near the Capitol, including state Sen. Darrell Steinberg and Assemblyman Dave Jones, both Democrats from Sacramento, do not accept per diem payments. Republican Sen. Dave Cox of Fair Oaks, about 25 miles from the Capitol, accepts per diem payments but pays taxes on them.

State records show that McClintock flew at state expense to Southern California 14 times last year for a total of 36 days spent in the district.

McClintock said he deducts the mortgage interest on his Elk Grove house on his federal tax returns. The Thousand Oaks house, where he grew up, is owned by a family trust controlled by his mother, who lives there, he said.

I wonder if Assemblyman Van Tran is guilty of this too? I know he lives with his wife in West Sacramento. I bet he is also maintaining a house in his district that he does not live in – and he is probably taking the per diem too.

This is what bothers me about so many GOP politicians. They talk a good game but they sure don’t live up to their words.

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