McCain blows economic chunks in Santa Ana

I don’t know who invited John McCain to visit Santa Ana yesterday, but the idea backfired when he blew off the idea of helping those who are dealing with foreclosures, primarily due to unscrupulous mortgage agents.

Santa Ana leads the county in foreclosures. People here are suffering. And the best McCain can do is to “place some of the blame on homeowners themselves, while also scolding “complacent” lenders.” Lame! That is the same kind of “hands-off” approach that President George W. Bush has used to tank our national economy! He has slept at the wheel while the Chinese have artificially kept the value of their currency low. He has snored away as our trade and budget deficits have ballooned. McCain figures to do the very same thing.

At least folks in Santa Ana now know that McCain cannot be trusted to help revive our national economy. Hillary Clinton seized on his stupid comments and declared that McCain reminded her of Herbert Hoover. D’oh! Low blow…

It cracks me up that GOP leaders think parading McCain in Santa Ana is going to him with the Latino vote. Good luck with that. Latinos know that the GOP is the anti-Mexican party. McCain may feel otherwise, but his party leaders won’t ever let him do anything remotely friendly to immigrants. Any Latino who votes for McCain is playing Russian Roulette with his vote.

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