If Prop 99 prevails on June 3rd your local church may be gone next year

Don’t be misled by the League of Cities as they gather to party at the Disneyland Hotel starting this Wednesday. Their, in your face, fundraiser title speaks volumes. “Keeping the Magic of Redevelopment Alive” will be held on Thursday evening, March 27th in the Grand Ballroom. “Magic.” A scheme by the League to educate elected officials on how to take your property when you have no desire to sell.

“Buyer beware” surely applies to their Trojan Horse. In a presentation before a Joint Chambers of Commerce meeting in Temecula last week I asked Dave Willmon, League of Cities Public Affairs Manager, why they added protection for houses of worship in the failed AB 887, yet intentionally did not include protection for churches in Prop 99. As he fumbled to respond, and didn’t have an answer, the Chamber Legislative Council Chairman stopped the discussion.

Folks we need to make sure that Prop 98 wins this vote on June 3rd. We have all read about the highly publicized property rights fight involving the Cottonwood Christian Center in Cypress a few years ago. However, how many of you have heard of the Filipino Baptist Fellowship Church in Long Beach where the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency (RDA) voted unanimously to demolish that Atlantic Ave property and give it to a private developer for part of a condo project. If not for the efforts of John Eastman of the Clairmont Institute, they may not have held Easter Services in that building yesterday. Once activists got involved the same RDA Agency terminated that “taking” proceeding. Church leaders should not have to retain the services of attorneys to protect their property rights when they have no desire to sell their church property.

Prop 99 was only put on the June 3rd Ballot to confuse voters and block passage of our Measure which is formally known as the California Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act, CPOFPA, that will be listed as Prop 98.

Prop 99 does not offer any protection for houses of worship. To quote my hero Ronald Reagan, let me urge you to “trust, but verify” what I have stated. Ask the League to show you where they offer the protection as stated above. They can’t because they intentionally ignored churches as well as family farms, investment properties, small businesses (those from 1-99) and everyone who has purchased a new or resale home within a 12 month timeframe.

Note: Passage of Prop 98 does not preclude acquisition of private properties for valid public uses such as roads, fire houses, schools and hospitals.

For additional information simply go to : www.yesprop98.com

Larry Gilbert, Orange County Chairman, Prop 98 Ballot Measure

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