Every vote counts and every vote will be counted? not at CRA endorsing convention

As a former unit president of the CRA I continue to be disappointed in the games that are being played as candidates seek conservative Republican endorsements.
An unnamed attendee at the CRA endorsing convention for the 29th Senate District seat gave me a lesson on math. The competing candidates were Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy and Assemblyman Bob Huff.

To obtain a CRA endorsement the by-laws state that you need to gain voter approval of 2/3rds of the credentialed voters. In this case eight LA CRA units, with five voting members each, failed to endorse on the first or second Ballot. While Dennis did have a higher vote count in all three ballots he did not cover the minimum votes necessary for the endorsement.
There were 40 voting members in the convention casting ballots. On the third round they announced Dennis as the winner getting 26 of 39 votes. There is only one problem with the math. Fourteen members said they voted for Bob Huff yet only 13 were reported out. Did someone throw away one of the ballots simply to give the endorsement to Dennis? With 40 ballots Dennis needed 27 votes to meet the CRA endorsement threshold.

I noticed another local blog reporting Dennis getting the CRA endorsement. Perhaps that blogger needs to engage in some investigative reporting and update their post.

Folks. During one of my terms as president of a CRA unit the statewide CRA president was Senator Richard Mountjoy, Dennis’s dad.

President Reagan called the CRA “the conscience of the Republican Party.” On the CRA home page it reads: “Chartered in 1934, the CRA is the states oldest and largest Republican volunteer organization. CRA has been working to elect Republican candidates who stand for unwavering Republican principles.”
If I were Dennis Mountjoy I would accept the fact that while I came very close I did not legally win the CRA endorsement. That happens when you have two qualified candidates seeking the same seat. For the good of the 64 year young organization whose endorsement you seek, accept the loss and move on with your campaign.

Larry Gilbert, former president, Saddleback Republican Assembly

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