Bumbling Dina Nguyen blew it twice when she filed for the 1st District

Freshman Garden Grove Councilwoman Dina Nguyen (pictured above, in the red circle) blew it twice this week when she filed for the First Supervisorial District. We reported previously that she used the wrong form when she filed her signatures. She had to scramble to file new forms by the Friday deadline.

But that was not her only mistake. Red County reported that Dina also forgot to file a Form 700, which is a financial interests disclosure form. According to Red County, “she scrambled at the end, with the assistance of Westminster Councilman Andy Quach and Mike Schroeder, to get it completed and filed with the Registrar of Voters by 5:00 p.m.”

Imagine if Dina’s fellow Trannies had not come to the rescue. She would not have filed in time. Supervisor Janet Nguyen would have ended up facing only one opponent, Democrat Hoa Van Tran, who works in the same law office where Dina works.

The Trannies sure seem to be getting sloppy. One of them, “B.K.” Trung Nguyen, even had to pull out of the Supervisorial race altogether when the local Vietnamese media got hold of the story about his bankruptcy, which allegedly included some 25 credit cards.

It sure seems like Dina is headed for a severe trouncing in June. Let’s see if she pulls a Trung and sends out campaign literature with misspellings and bad grammar. That’s if she can manage to send the campaign mail to the right addresses…with the right postage. That is assuming quite a bit for the bumbling Trannie that is Dina Nguyen.

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