Arnold turns out to be a huge polluter

Busted! California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is always crying about emissions and the environment, but the L.A. Times has revealed that he is a big hypocrite:

Like many of the Californians he represents, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger now spends more than three hours commuting because he lives so far from the office.

But his ride is a private jet.

After flirting briefly with buying a Sacramento abode for his family, then living alone for a while in a 2,000-square-foot hotel penthouse across from the Capitol, the governor has decided to stay nearly every night at his Brentwood mansion.

The commute costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, which aides say the governor pays for himself. Some environmentalists say the trips expand his carbon footprint enough to undermine his image as a crusader against global warming, despite the pollution credits he buys to offset the damage.

Is Sacramento that horrible that Schwarzenegger cannot live there with his family? Can’t he telecommute? Why not just hold court somewhere in L.A.? Schwarzenegger’s carbon footprint is on steroids!

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