To all those unhappy Republicans who have yet to vote

After moving to CA from the east coast I was upset when the network anchors were calling the results of presidential elections while our polls were still open. I am certain that calling the winners turned off many voters who felt that, other than Ballot Measures if there were any in that years elections, they were wasting their time.

Fast forward to our CA legislature trying to pull a fast one. Prop 93! Let’s move up our Primary from the traditional June date so that we can create an opportunity to extend our terms of office. Let’s participate in the Super Tuesday elections along with all the other states that made the same call.

As a result we surely have seen some high profile faces during the past month. CA has mattered in this year’s Republican (and Democratic)races.

Larry, where are we going? Folks, as no Republican candidate has exceeded the 1,191 delegate count, and not wishing to hurt the chances for Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul, I do feel if I were living in Ind.,KY., LA., ME., Miss.,Mont., Nebr., N.C., Ohio, OR., PA.,S.D., TX., VA., VT., W.VA., Wisc.or Wy. I would feel cheated today. With Mitt Romney joining the list of candidates who have dropped out, and the media basically calling the Republican primary for John McCain, it appears that the voters living in any of the above listed states feel today as I have felt for years. For the first time since we moved here 30 years ago I can say that we had a say in the outcome rather than my early experiences where we just went through the motions.

And for all those who recently cried in their letters to the OC Register about voting early, only to find their choice dropping out, they should have heeded my advice from a prior blog post. There was no urgency to send in your Absentee Ballots before Tuesday, February 5th. I dropped mine off that morning with no delay at our local fire house.

Where is Thomas E. Dewey when we need him. Mike Huckabee pulls an upset. Larry, you are drinking too much Kool Aide. Be nice. I do like Mike on his family values.

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