The Stumbling Elephant!

Here it is….Super Tuesday! Our beloved New England Patriots have
fallen victim to the curse of the Mannings! The Super Bowl is over
and now the Super Bowl of Presidential Candidates. Who will survive?
Who will finally fold their tents and wind their way back to where
they had come from?

Whatever happens, we know that we love Obama and have nothing lovely
to say about the dreaded Hillary & Bill! Win or lose…they are
completely awful. At least Obama is intelligent and likable.

But that’s not what this blogisphere article is all about. This is
about the fall of the Republican Party. Here we sit, members of a
Party that should have just folded its tent and gone home. That is
what the stealth message of major media is trying to tell us. It
is disarming to learn that all the traditional “Conservative Voices”
on both Radio Talk and on TV Cable Blab….are all a flux with many
different points of view. Rush says McCain is worse than Hillary,
Anne Coulter says she will vote for Hillary rather than vote for
McCain. We dare not add to the list of various voices…that even
includes the “Kinky Friedman….of Texas”.

So what will be resolved by this Super Tuesday, February 5th, 2008?
Not much, we think! As traditional Conservatives…we now have no
dog in this race! Not the well funded Ron Paul…who should be sent
packing back to the 18th Century! Not the phony flip flopper that
can’t find his way to the outhouse without a compass! Not the well
spoken Preacher from Hope – who is pals with Bill, either!

So, what will happen? What if Hillary soundly beats Obama and takes
most of the delegates? What happens if Obama splits half the votes
with Hillary and Bill? What if Obama actually beats Hillary and Bill
outright? Well, this is our tale…which no one has to agree with,
but we will not be voting for President in the November election.
That is unless Obama heads the Democratic ticket! If he somehow winds
up as second banana on the Democratic ticket….we will not vote for

What happened to our Republican Party? We had one viable candidate
that could have beaten the Democrats in November. That candidate has
had to add his name to McCain supporters. Sorry Rudy, we love you
but we are not voting because you support anyone. We would vote for
Bernard Kerick before we vote for McCain! Now, saying all this….
probably foretells of what? Can we believe that somehow, someway,
John McCain will win the Presidency in November….we don’t think so,
but then we thought that the Patriots were going to blow out those
nasty Giants!

In the meantime, what’s a Republican? Those pink shoes on the old
GOP Grey elephant….have us flummoxed! Go Obama!

Finally, this should be a wake up call for Republicans around the
nation….to get out there and find “real candidates” and take the
next eight years…if necessary…to do it!

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