Santa Ana reflects Dave Ream’s reactionary vision

I received an email the other day from a city planner who does not live in Santa Ana. He was not happy about the Santa Ana City Council’s decision to ban hookah bars in our city. He was familiar with the staff report that the City Council relied on. He assessed it this way, “the staff report was full of sloppy fearmongering and hyperbole.”

It turns out that Anaheim regulates its hookah bars – Gustavo Arellano, over at the OC Weekly, just reviewed an Anaheim Hookah bar that sounds like a great place to check out. And Irvine allows them. So why not Santa Ana?

And we are not just talking about hookah bars. I found out recently that Santa Ana also banned tattoo parlors, a long time ago. And they banned massage parlors.

Why is a city run by Democratic Council Members so reactionary? The answer is city manager Dave Ream, a doddering increasingly feeble white Republican from Coto de Caza. He runs Santa Ana with an iron fist. When his staff issues a negative report about something, rest assured it is Ream who is steering the car.

Santa Ana reflects Ream’s values – you would never know that Democrats serve on our City Council. The Council Members all bend knee to him. It really is the tail wagging the dog! Ream works for them, but they answer to him.

Just look at what Ream does to outsiders who get elected. He destroyed Ted Moreno. And he bought off Sal Tinajero by putting him on the Sanitation board (that is a nice cha-ching for Sal’s bank account). I have a feeling he has put the squeeze on Michele Martinez too, as she is no longer interested in running for Mayor, from what I hear.

Ream always gets his way. And that will continue until we get rid of his lapdog, Miguel Pulido, and Pulido’s council allies. That is a Herculean task.

Pulido was a big win for Ream. Imagine Ream’s glee when he found a Mexican immigrant who hates his fellow immigrants? Pulido supported Prop. 187. He appointed a Minuteman to our Library Board. He regularly supports Mexican-hater Rosie Avila for the Santa Ana School Board. And yet when Pulido rode atop a fire engine in the last Fiestas Patrias parade he was roundly applauded by the immigrants at the event. Wherever Ream was, I am sure he was smiling – and maybe even drooling a bit. I’m sure Jill Arthur was there to wipe off the drool…

While other cities in the O.C. thrive, and two of them, Brea and Anaheim, relish their downtowns, Santa Ana continues to lag, as it wallows in Ream’s “vision.” Our only hope is that he will eventually succumb to age and get hauled off in a hearse. But then we will be stuck with Jill Arthur and Catherine Standiford, Ream acolytes ready to continue to ruin our city.

One last word. Our former blogger, Sean Mill, has been foaming at the mouth over at the Liberal OC about Ware Disposal’s continued malfeasance in the Logan neighborhood. But Mill knows that Ware is protected by Ream and Pulido. Ware gave thousands to the Measure D campaign. Does anyone really think that Ware did not buy some protection in the process?

If Mill is serious about taking out Ware, he and his council sponsor, Sal Tinajero, need to aim their guns at Ream – and Pulido. They won’t. The anti-Ware campaign is a smokescreen intended to take our attention away from everything else that Ream is up to. There is nothing we can do about Ware, short of complaining to the EPA. Remember that Pulido, as a board member of the South Coast AQMD, was able to get developer Mike Harrah off the hook when he got caught conducting illegal asbestos abatement related to his One Broadway Plaza project. Surely he and Ream will find a way to keep Ware out of trouble.

The bigger threat, by far, is developer Robert Bisno. He gave even more than Ware did, to Measure D. His proposed 27 story luxury condo tower will be voted on soon by the City Council. But they don’t want us to go after that project, so Mill continues to run interference by bleating about Ware. And Ream reigns over his empire as he smiles and drools. Santa Ana is not just his city. It is Ream, Inc.

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