Remember when we were free?

Around the world people are starting to get the feeling that may not be as
free as they used to be. England, the bastion of western values has amassed
more restrictions on freedoms than you can shake a stick at. Currently,
England has 4.2 million CCTV cameras watching virtually every nook and cranny
in the Kingdom! Those cameras nab you in your car, eating fish and chips by
Harold’s Square, in Cabs, in Twin-Deck Buses, in the trains, along the various
highways….just about everywhere you could think of! But Camera Engineers
haven’t had their fill yet. Many more to come.

OK, what about all the daily bugging of telephone calls, conservatively estimated
at over 1000 a day? How about banking transactions? How about e-mails? How
about known associations? Remember those 4 guys who tried to blow up those big
red buses back in 2005 and had them misfire? 15 of their associates are now
doing 17 years a piece for either protecting, hiding, giving money and other
resources…when they knew what they were planning. Many were in fact family
and friends…as you might surmise.

In England, they have a law called “The Regulation of Investigatory Powers
Act (2000) which quietly allowed the government to do just about anything
they wanted….when it came to surveillance on individuals. Stephen Glover
writes in the Daily Mail on February 7th, 2008 – The Interception of Communications
Commission…has had 253,557 requests in the last nine months – for intercept phone calls of British and other citizens in the United Kingdom. How about DNA? Oh, in England there are plenty of demands on all citizens to submit their DNA….so far only 3.9 million DNA genetic profiles have been archived. Glover worries that all
this information will not find secure banking by government sources. Just
recently 2.5 million British Drivers had their information sold to a national
marketing company by some insider at the British Drivers Bureau.

We would love to go back to the days of free travel, free access to various
events, airlines and the like. The recurring worry for Americans is that the
system will again…bury itself in stupidity. Ridiculous requirements to buy
a stick of gum..may soon be forthcoming on our families and person. The DHS,
Dept. of Homeland Security was a direct result of 911 and the lack of government
continuity between the CIA and FBI and local law enforcement. We have to look
at this as something “that had to be done” at the time. Our problem is that
“the system” soon replaces people, responsibility and common sense.

Our best example of this are the Juno/NetZero people. When you call in….
they ask your name (from Bandledesh)and ask for the last four numbers of
the credit card you used the last time you purchased something from Juno.
In our case, that was 2004. How were we expected to remember, which Credit
Card we used – way back then. After having to go three steps up the scale
of Professionals…..we were finally allowed to offer the answer to the “big
question” – what are the last four numbers of your Social Security number?
Brutal, and of course…we can imagine that all this and other very important
collected information by the United State Government…..may indeed wind up
acting like June/NetZero….before long. We did ask the “Top Dog” at Juno
why they couldn’t have just asked that question to begin with – Answer:
“Those people can’t be trusted with that information!” Well, friends and
Sports Fans everywhere – there you have it! Our information, our freedom
and our Personal Liberty is being overseen…by people – that can’t be

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