Name one political race with great candidates!

It is seldom that you can look to any race for political
office and find three great candidates running for one
open position. In most cases….it never happens! The
tradition is to always offer up one funded candidate, one
candidate that will be the tough loser and one candidate
that hasn’t got a clue….as to what is going on and wants
to do something for his community, state or nation.

The race we spotted in the LA Times, California Section
today….brought a wide grin to our faces. It seems that
an unexpected opening on the LA Board of Supervisors in
the 2nd District has somehow drawn three unique, intelligent
and fun individuals. Former LA Police Chief Bernard Parks,
who has turned into a very well respected 8th District City
Councilman, State Senator Mark Ridley Thomas and Activist
Morris Griffth are all stepping up to the plate.

For those that don’t know; Yvonne Brathwaite Burke….the
beautiful firebrand and Keynote Speaker from the Democratic
Convention in 1976 is stepping down from her 2nd District
Supervisorial seat and plans on endorsing Bernard Parks.
Thomas has the support of the Labor Groups and Griffth is
the unfunded sentimental favorite!

We are supporting Bernard Parks, however. Parks is first and
foremost a gentleman, an intelligent campaigner, a wise old
owl with a storied background. Bernard Parks is a special
person who will do great work following in the footsteps and
meeting the high water marks of a Yvonne Burke.

All we can say is: It is great to see three such candidates
running for the same poltical office…all at the same time!


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