Mission Viejo councilman Lance MacLean "double endorses" in 33rd Senate District race

Why am I not surprised. Red County blog has just reported that Mission Viejo councilman Lance MacLean has endorsed two competitors for the same seat in the same election.
As a former administrator at UCI, having left that post around three months ago, does Lance have a problem with math?

If he respects both Assemblywoman Mimi Walters and Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu, than all he needed to do, when asked for an endorsement, was to tell them that he will not favor one over the other. This is not like going to Delmar to place bets on every horse in a race simply to brag that you picked a winner, or use that endorsement to gain favor afterward.

Wasn’t he thinking about the impact of that act when every candidate mass mails endorsements to the electorate and now have the time and expense burden of proving that they were not being deceptive by his lack of concern.

But then again, those of us who helped him get elected in 2002 will forever live with our collective mistake.

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