Is the O.C. Register fading away?

Newspapers are floundering. They can’t sell the classified ads that were so profitable over the years, due to Ebay, Monster and Craigslist. Their display ads have greatly reduced in volume as well, as the big chains continue to merge, wiping out huge advertising accounts in the process. The fall of the housing market is not helping.

So what have the papers done? They have cut back – big time. Great reporters and opinion writers have been bought out, at both the O.C. Register and the L.A. Times. The Register, in particular, has cut back so much that they no longer are able to break big stories the way they used to.

Alex Brant-Zawadzki noticed this trend, over at the O.C. Weekly’s Navel Gazing Blog, with regard to the tragic story which unfolded over the weekend when a father wiped out his family, in Yorba Linda. Here is Alex’ take on the Register’s decline:

The killings are described as the worst in Orange County’s recent history – debatable. What’s not debatable is that the Register is taking an impressive amount of flak over their so-called flawed coverage of the story.

From the very first comment once the story went on-line, readers expressed their indignation:

canyonrob wrote:

Why do CNN and the San Diego U-T both have larger, more detailed stories about this local event than the Register…and why is this not on the front page? If someone from another city was to come here looking for more information on this story, they’d be seriously disappointed. Great LOCAL coverage, Register…keep up the bad work!

bronsonator wrote:

I agree with canyonrob. I wrote the editor at OCR (via email) with this at about 8:50 this morning: A murder

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