Is Hoa Van Tran a Trannie?

I have been told by more than one source that the reason the O.C. Democrats are desperately looking for another candidate is that they now suspect that their current candidate, Hoa Van Tran, is in fact a Trannie – an acolyte of Republican Assemblyman Van Tran. Apparently Hoa won’t say anything bad about the Assemblyman or any of his crooked henchmen.

This comes at a bad time, as the Democrats appear to finally making some headway with the Vietnamese voters in Orange County, according to the L.A. Times, which published an article about this very subject today. Here are a few excerpts from the Times article:

…for the first time, registration of new Vietnamese voters as Democrats is outpacing Republicans in Orange County, and the number of newly registered Republicans has declined.

Last year, a small group of political staffers and community activists formed the Vietnamese American Democratic Club, which has been strategizing with the Orange County Democratic Party about campaigns and registration drives. The group has launched a show on Little Saigon Radio to spread its message and encourage debate on issues including presidential candidates and health policy.

To community activists, the emergence of Vietnamese American Democrats shows growth in a community that used to denounce Democratic voters and even aimed death threats at the few who campaigned for Democrats.

“Before, if you put yourself out as a Democrat, people may say you are not hard-line enough against the Communists,” said Phu Do Nguyen, Tran’s campaign manager. “But that perception is changing because people are facing real issues of everyday life.”

“Vietnamese refugees were naturally more concerned with foreign policy rather than domestic policy, even though Democratic policies at the time would probably have been more beneficial for them,” Brody said.

Tran, 42, of Garden Grove, came to the U.S. in 1980 after escaping Vietnam by boat when he was 15. He joined the military after high school, serving as a mechanic in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. He worked for the Orange County Public Defender while attending law school.

“The perception is that Republicans are anticommunists and Democrats are communist,” Tran said in a recent show on Little Saigon Radio. “But that is not entirely true.”

Still, as a political neophyte, Tran faces considerable odds. He has little name recognition, and some traditional backers of Democratic candidates, such as the Orange County Employees Assn., say they plan to sit this race out.

Why is the O.C. Employees Association sitting this one out? My sources tell me that they are the ones trying to recruit lame Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides to take on Supervisor Janet Nguyen. So let me get this straight. The union wants to take out the first Vietnamese Supervisor in O.C. history…and they are not backing the only Democratic Vietnamese who is challenging her. Sure looks like this union does not like Vietnamese politicians. Or maybe they have figured out that Hoa is in league with the Trannies?

Liberal OC blogger Chris Prevatt, who is a member of this union, knows the truth…but he isn’t going to tell us. So far he has been attacking me for spilling the beans about his union’s talks with Benavides. Typical union hack – attack and cover up.

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