Is Dave Ream on the way out?

A reader responded to my recent post regarding the huge raise that the Santa Ana City Council gave to City Manager Dave Ream, by reminding us that oftentimes public employees are given large raises just before they retire, in order to boost their pension. While I remain upset that Ream got more of our money, I am glad that he might at last be leaving.

Ream will leave behind a sordid legacy. When he was promoted to City Manager, he promised the City Council that he would, within a year, hire staff that would reflect the people of Santa Ana. He must have meant north Santa Ana, because his senior managers remain almost 100% white.

When Ream took over as City Manager, the City of Santa Ana had car dealers representing just about every domestic auto manufacturer. However, he chased them all away, with the exception of Guaranty Chevrolet. Sure, we have the Santa Ana Auto Mall, which is made up mostly of imports, but Ream gave most of them sweetheart deals. Few are giving us much tax revenue. And with the loss of the domestic brands, we lost millions of dollars in tax revenue – dollars which went to Tustin and Costa Mesa, for the most part.

I am told that Ream also bungled a large sum of money in a lame effort to land a basketball team. And we know that he blew thousands of dollars installing medians we did not need – and then he tried to raise our taxes with the failed Ream assessment, to pay for their maintenance.

Ream likes to brag about the city’s Artists Village, but he has done little to help that area. And at his request the city has made tattoo parlors, massage parlors and hookah bars illegal. So much for using the Artists Village to create a Melrose type shopping district in our downtown area.

Ream, when he finally retires, will leave our city in rather bad shape. He will have bungled opportunity after opportunity. But he won’t care. The city even paid for his moving expenses so he would live in Santa Ana. But as soon as that City Council was termed out, he fled to Coto de Caza. And that is where he will end up. Spending the rest of his life counting the money he essentially stole from us, for truly we got very little in return.

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