How many rabbits?..and it isn’t even Spring yet!

As Monty Hall used to say…before Bob Barker…
Come on Down! The list of used, retired,
resigned, suspended and underfunded Presidential wannabe
Candidates is purely amazing!

It seems that most of these people that were so dedicated
to “change” – are now happily on the side lines….doing
their resident cheerleading duties. “Gosh, I could have
been a contender….I could have been somebody……..”
All due apologies to Marlon Brando….and his memory!

This Presidential Candidate race has been frustrating
beyond words. We guess what is most awful about this
process is…it reminds us so much of 1992! Bunches of
Candidates and wannabee’s……all with little or no
chance. Basically, the concept was to just muck up the
process as much as possible. We used to call it the
“Look, Halley’s Comet” strategy! Since Halley’s Comet
only comes along every 76 years….it is a good way to
make people pause and not make a decision. Sort of, get
the discussion off the subject. The next Halley’s Comet
is due around 2052..since the last time it happened in

OK, let us proceed to talk about who went where and who
are left! The early withdrawal of Rudy Giuliani before
Super Tuesday…tells us…..He was a rabbit. We have
never seen a broader smile…than the day Rudy bailed out
and endorsed McCain. Then came Mitt Romney….suddenly,
even within striking distance of making a huge fight of
the process….he withdraws…another Rabbit. Oh, and
the biggest rabbit of all – Fred Thompson…….Fred did
the perfect campaign; he came in late, left early and
still has time to renew his contract on Law & Order before
the Writer’s Strike ends. Let us not forget Huckabee
in the process of …”I’m a white rabbit!” Well, maybe
we can…especially since he is running for Vice President!

That leaves the well endowed endorsement horse…McCain
with our 19th Century Candidate – Ron Paul! The coolest
part of this mess…is that younger people are supporting
Ron Paul and they will never support McCain…ever! They
seem to have cash and are willing to part with it…just
to stir up the pot. Can you imagine if Ron Paul actually
became President? They would have to exume the remains
of John Paul Jones and Ben Franklin to fill up his cabinet.

All the talk is, that McCain will probably choose either
Huckabee or Steve Forbes as his running mate. Forbes is
the correct idea…..but boy, talk about fitting a square
peg into a round hole. Forbes, not without fault is a very
strong fiscal conservative…which certainly doesn’t match
the McCain “Tax and Spend – Straight Arrow Express”! As
they say in the trade….as devoted Conservative Voters….
“Your mouthwash isn’t making it – John!”….Oh, that was
Dirty Harry wasn’t it? In any event, gagging down a pull
on the lever for McCain…will take tremendous will for any
self proclaimed Conservative voter.

So what about the evil Democratic Dowager – Hillary, Pillary
Clinton? Oh, and her evil lap dog – Bill? Now we can’t in
good conscience really beat up on someone that already has
all the Presidential Dishes and Cutlery. The various pieces
of White House furniture, Computer records, Historical list
of important Republican misdoings and the like. Yep, Hillary
will be ready to go to work….on Day One! We can’t wait to
see Hillary and her Vice President Bill(The 2nd Bill in her
life!) Richardson…..railing and waxing poetic about bio-fuels
and the great American Worker..for 8 years! Madeline Albright
will make her reprise as the Secretary of State and they might
even dig up Janet Reno from her retirement in Florida to be
the only woman ever to serve in two Administrations as Attorney
General. But before we finish up with the Rabbits and Toad
Stools..what about John (I was born poor as a church mouse!)
Edwards? “I understand the pain of living my 20
million dollar home!” “I know the pain of paying $1200 dollars
for a haircut!”, “I get it ..when other candidates don’t –
how much it costs to get truly affordable healthcare!” Well,
we thank you John Edwards for quickly selling out for some
future Cabinet job in the Clinton Administration! Nice touch!

But what if in the unlikely event….Barak Obama could actually
prevail…and put the Clinton’s in Stocks(Not Google – the kind
where their arms and legs are held by boards – in the Public
Square), drive them into semi obscurity….no, no….it couldn’t
happen – could it? What if a miracle did happen? What if Obama
wins the Democratic Presidential bid and in fact fails to ask
Hillary or Bill to share the ticket? He could win! “Yes we can!”,
“Yes we can!”, “Yes we can!” “Yes we can!”, “Yes we can!”

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