Copper thieves strike in Santa Ana’s Sandpointe neighborhood

Metal thieves have struck again in Santa Ana. This time “Copper signs worth an estimated $20,000 vanished…from the Sandpointe neighborhood,” according to the O.C. Register.

“The letters were cemented to the walls and had been there for about 20 years, said Bob Black, the president of the Sandpointe Neighborhood Association. He said the estimate to replace all 40 stolen letters came to around $20,000.”

All that is left of the copper sign is the marks you can see in the picture above, which was taken by City Council candidate Jim Walker, who also lives in the Sandpointe neighborhood. According to our blogger Thomas Gordon, this neighborhood has also been plagued by graffiti taggers of late.

Of course the Register’s readers have assumed that the miscreants in the Sandpointe theft are Latinos. Here is a typical comment, “The third world strikes again. Why should we be forced to live amongst this scum? This was one of the only nice areas left in Santa Ana (in the South Coast Metro area). Now they can’t even have their own community signs without some dumb savages ripping them off. Who else looks at a sign for a community and sees scrap metal that they can sell? This wasn’t happening in O.C. twenty years ago. Now it’s common. Can anyone think about something that happened twenty years ago that led to all of this c-rap that we have to deal with today? I’ll give you a hint: Amnesty.

The last time this happened, two homeless men who were NOT Latino were busted for stealing bronze plaques from historical buildings in the downtown area, minutes from the Santa Ana police station.

The O.C. Register also reported recently that “a third Art in Public Places piece has been ripped from its post in a local industrial complex” in Brea. “Each was worth an estimated $20,000.”

The bad news for Brea residents is that the art thieves likely chopped up the artwork so they could sell it to scrap yards without anyone realizing what the scrap was. Still, shouldn’t the scrap yards be wondering what is up when folks show up with hundreds of pounds of valuable metals? Where would people come across such scrap if they weren’t thieves? It sounds like we need to crack down on the scrap yards. They appear to be somewhat complicit in these crimes.

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