CNN & MSNBC analysts admit "the surge is working"

I must admit you will not find me watching Wolfe Blitzer at CNN or Chris Matthews and the talking heads at MSNBC. However, it is surprising to see that they agree with Republicans. They each have admitted that given time “the surge is working.”

Larry. When did they say this? I’ve been watching both of these cable programs non stop. Yes, they have. Obama is surging across this nation.

Isn’t it nice to have the power to play with words. How we can influence or mislead the public with our keyboards and headlines. Truth be told there is a parallel to this unique post.
Don’t be so quick to join the ranks of Professors Noam Chomsky, Nicholas De Genova or Ward Churchill who are members of the Fifth Column trashing our country while teaching our children at high profile universities such as MIT and Columbia. I am thrilled that Ward Churchill no longer has that podium in Colorado.

Back to the presidential primary. It’s true. Obama has surprised tens of thousands of Americans by his recent surge in state after state primary. Surge, momentum, both have a similar connotation. Given time the surge in Iraq is working. So too is the surge for Obama. Watch the spin machines in action as they play down some of his victories as being from small states or caucuses that Democrats would not win in the General anyway. Nice try Hillary fans. Now you know what it’s like to put on your body armor and try to take a hill when you have someone offering resistance.

A change of pace today. Your thoughts are surely welcome.

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