CA GOP leaders continue to shoot themselves in the foot!

The California GOP Central Committee met this weekend in San Francisco. There was hope that the party would at last abandon its Taliban platform. Alas, the knuckle-draggers prevailed again. Jon Fleischman, the former PR flack for disgraced and resigned O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona, showed up to rail against Mexicans. So the CA GOP will continue to be the anti-Mexican party. The party kept its anti-choice plank as well.

The media had a lot to say about the sinking California Republicans. Here are a few excerpts from the L.A. Times:

And the party has alienated, at least in part, two of the fastest-growing segments of the California electorate: Latinos and independents. Latinos have largely rejected the GOP since divisive rhetoric surrounded Proposition 187, the landmark 1994 voter initiative to cut off services to illegal immigrants. Independents, who now constitute 19.37% of voters, were barred from voting in February’s Republican presidential primary but were welcomed in the Democratic contest.

James Hartman, the former chairman of the Alameda County Republican Party, said those handicaps are the byproduct of an inflexible party leadership, and he doubts the GOP will reverse its fortunes unless that changes.

“It’s being dominated and controlled by a very conservative faction,” said Hartman, a Walnut Creek attorney who joined about a thousand other Republicans attending the convention. “How can you win an election without appealing to the ‘decline-to-state voters’ and when you have only a third of the electorate? Just look at the math.”

At the last state party convention in November, Schwarzenegger said the GOP was “dying at the box office” because it remains too ideologically conservative on issues such as healthcare and global warming — criticism that still burns many party loyalists. Earlier this year, Republican state lawmakers helped torpedo the governor’s $1.49-billion plan for universal healthcare.

“Essentially, there is no relationship between Schwarzenegger and the Republican Party. He’s basically a man without a party,” said Mike Schroeder, a former state GOP chairman from Orange County.

Gee Mikey, wouldn’t you say that your former golden boy Carona is a “man without a party?”

Here are a few excerpts from the Sacramento Bee:

California has elected two Republican governors since supporting Bush in 1988, but both Govs. Pete Wilson and Schwarzenegger supported abortion rights. In contrast, McCain has said during the primary campaign he would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned. He also supported a Supreme Court decision last year that upheld a ban on so-called partial-birth abortions.

The San Francisco Chronicle published a very funny analysis of McCain from the ever-loony Rev. Lou Sheldon:

“John McCain will be a marvelous selection as our nominee,” said the Rev. Lou Sheldon, who heads the Traditional Values Coalition in Anaheim and was a staunch supporter of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. “He is with us on abortion. He is with us on the marriage issue.”

With regard to concerns about McCain’s relationship with lobbyists – the subject of a recent New York Times story – Sheldon was not in the least worried. “The John McCain I know is a man of the highest integrity,” he said.

Integrity? What the heck does Sheldon, a sham minister who takes money from politicians in return for his “support,” know about integrity?

And Bob Mulholland ripped the CA GOP and McCain as only he can:

“California is in play only in Republican press releases,” said Bob Mulholland, campaign adviser to the state Democratic Party. “McCain will be 72 years old in the fall, and he believes women should be prosecuted if they have an abortion.

“That won’t fly in California. … If he puts his toes in California, he will be beat up by the Democrats and the pro-choice community,” not to mention voters outraged by McCain’s support for the Iraq war, he said.

I will let Fleischman get the last word, as it is inadvertently hilarious:

“John McCain still has … to endear himself” to conservative activists, Fleischman said. McCain “has my head, but he has to win my heart.”

Fleischman has a heart? ROFLMAO!

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