Why do the Trannies hate Janet Nguyen?

With all the rancor going on within the OC GOP, one has to wonder “why do the Trannies hate Supervisor Janet Nguyen so much?” They cannot point to any particular actions or votes on her part that are particularly offensive, or against Republican sentiments. But Supervisor Nguyen cannot do anything without being attacked.

For example, she voted against medicinal marijuana cards. She did so because of a case in San Diego that is in the courts. Nguyen sensibly thought it was a good idea to let the case run its course and then seize the ruling as precedent. But the other Supervisors disagreed. Was this a reason to slam Nguyen? Of course not. In fact, had she voted along with the other Supervisors, the Trannies would have sent out mailers saying she was pro-drugs.

So why do the Trannies hate Supervisor Nguyen so much? It comes down to two things. Assemblyman Van Tran conducts himself like a mafia godfather. His empire stretches all over the country. He bankrolls Vietnamese American candidates from both parties as long as they swear fealty to him. And he then makes sure that his network of crooked, corrupt friends gets jobs and referrals. Just like the mafia, these compromised politicians game the system in their favor.

Just look at Trannie right hand man Andy Quach, who is on the City Council in Westminster. He makes a living “consulting” businessmen who have to deal with the City of Garden Grove. Why do you think the Trannies tried to put Dina Nguyen on the Garden Grove Planning Commission? What great deal that would have been for them – having an insider on a commission so she could approve their plans.

And who did Quach put on the Westminster Planning Commission? His then girlfriend, Roxanne Chow. How convenient. This would allow the Trannie consultants in Garden Grove to have an insider vote their way on projects in the City of Westminster.

Ultimately the Trannies are not about good public policy. They are about money and power. But there is a second reason they hate Supervisor Nguyen. Van Tran, their godfather, wants nothing more than to be a Congressman. It has been his burning ambition ever since his early days in politics when he worked for Congressman Ed Royce.

When Tan Nguyen ran against Loretta Sanchez he did so as a trial balloon for the Trannies. This allowed them to see what might work when Tran himself eventually runs. That offensive letter that Tan sent to Mexican American voters in the district was no coincidence. It was a plot by the Trannies to see what might work.

The one problem for Tran is that now someone is in the way of his lifelong ambition. That would be Supervisor Janet Nguyen. The reason Tran wants to destroy her is simple. She is a possible competitor for the 47th Congressional District – and she refuses to let Tran guide her career. That’s right. This all comes down to Tran’s greed for power. He must destroy Supervisor Nguyen so that he can one day ascend to Congress when Loretta Sanchez gets tired of serving the 47th Congressional District.

Tran will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Just like the mafia kingpins, he will send wave after wave of Trannies into the breach to advance his goals. What we saw at this week’s OC GOP Central Committee meeting was just the tip of the Trannie iceberg.

This is why it is so important to stop Tran and his acolytes. This is why I am so opposed to them. I despise politicians who get elected so they can stuff their pockets and hire their friends. The Trannies are a perfect example of this perfidy. They are the ones who must be stopped.

If corruption in politics makes YOU sick, please do what you can to help Supervisor Nguyen prevail over the Trannies. Go to her website and make a contribution today. We can stop the Trannies, but not if we stand on the sidelines.

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