Trannies oppose OC GOP early endorsement of Supervisor Nguyen

The Trannies came to tonight’s OC GOP Central Committee meeting in full force. This was their golden opportunity to rip Supervisor Janet Nguyen. They hate her because she won’t play along with their corruption. They were led tonight by their attack dog, Trung Diep, pictured below.

In the end the motion to give an early endorsement to Supervisor Nguyen failed because of the idiots representing the 69th Assembly District. Tim Whitacre spoke against endorsing anyone. Others who voted against Supervisor Nguyen included failed politician Brett Franklin, who is jealous because Supervisor Nguyen won while he came in last in his last race, for the Rancho Santiago Community College District. Oscar Garza voted no too. And so did Santa Ana School Board Member Rosie Avila. We really need to take out Avila when she runs for reelection.

Above is a letter written by the Trannies in support of Trung Nguyen (pictured at left), who is getting ripped in a local Vietnamese paper for apparently filing for bankruptcy about ten years ago. I am told that he included some twenty five different credit cards in his bankruptcy case. His excuse appears to be, from what I am told, that he did not know what he was doing.

If this allegation is true, Trung is sunk. There is no way he will get any votes. Bankruptcy is a very bad word when it comes to the Orange County Board of Supervisors! I am fairly certain that Vietnamese American voters in the First District will toss Trung out with the rest of the trash.

For the record, Supervisor Nguyen did get some 36 votes tonight, but the opposition got just enough votes (23) to cost her the two-thirds early endorsement. But Matt “Jubal” Cunningham reminded us over at Red County that Supervisor Nguyen CAN get the OC GOP endorsement at a subsequent meeting.

Thomas Gordon was at the meeting tonight. He told me that many voters abstained. Shame on them! If they cannot stand with Supervisor Nguyen, they don’t deserve to be on the OC GOP Central Committee.

Gordon also tells me that he will likely run for the OC GOP Central Committee when the seats open up again.

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