What did Pulido and Bustamante know about the crimes at the Bowers?

Our bloggers Aria Ghafari and Thomas Gordon have done a great job of introducing today’s hot story, about the criminal activities at the Bowers Museum. I would like to take that discussion further. What did Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante know, and when did they know it? Both of them have been on the Bowers board of directors for some time; and Bustamante admits to even having worked there as a security guard when he was a teenager.

The strategy of the Bowers board and their soon to be in jail curator, Dr. Peter Keller, was to turn the Bowers into a world-class institution. Now their overblown egos appear to have led to crimes that are very serious indeed. This would never have happened if the Bowers had remained what it once was – a nice local museum dedicated to the history of Santa Ana and the natives and Spanish colonists who once lived there.

We in fact reported that Keller had taken a lot of trips to China and the Far East. Now we know why. According to the Times, he was most likely arranging to receive stolen items. Busted!

I have even called on the City Council to cancel its agreement with the Bowers. Why? Because we pay for their operation costs – $2 million a year. And we get almost nothing for it. You can read more about that at this link. The Museum of Latin American Art, in Long Beach, does a GREAT job of reaching out to their constituents. You can read about that at this link. But the Bowers has become just another tool of the Don Cribb gentrification crowd. And now Keller looks to be headed for jail.

But hold on. What if Keller becomes a witness for the prosecution? What if he was DIRECTED, by the Bowers Board, to break the law? Will Pulido and Bustamante end up in jail instead? One can only hope.

Be sure to read our previous stories where we disclosed how the Bowers made the rich richer, and how the Bowers is awash in cash. You can also click on the “Bowers Museum” tag below this article and read all of our stories about the Bowers Museum and their piece of the corruption that is the City of Santa Ana.

What can WE do about the corruption in our city? For one thing, be sure to Vote No on Measure D! Defeating this measure will stop the City Council members from extending their term limits to 12 years. That can not happen soon enough!

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