Time to vote!

I finally received my absentee ballot today. Here is how I voted:

President: Barack Obama (First time I have EVER voted for a Democratic presidential candidate)

Prop. 91: Transportation Funds Initiative – Yes (Appears to stabilize funding on roads and freeways).

Prop. 92: Community Colleges Funding – No (Our state is going bankrupt and the folks behind this initiative want to lock in more funding for community colleges, when they are already the cheapest college option? I don’t think so.)

Prop. 93: Limits on Legislator’s Terms in Office – NO! (This is a bogus attempt by lame legislators Don Perata and Fabian Nunez to avoid terming out. Basta con estos mensos!)

Props. 94-97: Referendums on Indian Gaming – Yes (Backed by the CA GOP, the Howard Jarvis Tax Payers Association, and State Senator Tom McClintock)

Santa Ana’s Measure D: Amendment to Charter Sections 401 and 401.5 – NO!!! (Bogus attempt by Santa Ana City Council to extend their term limits, while not giving us the mayoral term limits we need. Vote No on Measure D!)

Santa Ana’s Measure E: Amendment to Charter Section 901 – No! (Bogus attempt by Santa Ana City Council to get rid of appointed City Commissioners they don’t want – for no reason).

Be sure to vote!

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