The downside of early "absentee" voting

While many vote absentee, there is a risk to consider, especially in this wide open presidential primary election.

My sense is that thousands of California Republicans have already mailed their absentee Ballots with former TN. Sen Fred Thompson checked as their choice for president.
Hello readers. Fred just dropped out. As such, in effect, you have wasted your vote. What’s the hurry? As long as your Ballot is received by February 5th it will be included in the final count.

FYI. My absentee Ballot is still sitting on my desk.

On the Republican ballot you will find other presidential candidates such as SD Congressman Duncan Hunter, Congressman Tom Tancredo and Sam Brownback who have also pulled out of the race. Please don’t waste your vote.

Sadly president Bush’s (and the GOP) failure to select a Vice President willing to step up after his second term ends has created a major void where our party was in the drivers seat.

So, while absentee voting continues to grow, there is no advantage for voting the day you receive your Ballot.
Folks. There are no “do overs” as it relates to voting.

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