Supervisor Nguyen loses early endorsment, gets it, then loses it again

Looks like Tim Whitacre and his pandilla of pendejos left the OC GOP Central Committee meeting a bit too soon! OC GOP Central Committee Member, and Parliamentarian Kermit Marsh overruled Whitacre, after he left the meeting and he tossed out the spineless abstentions. So Supervisor Janet Nguyen ended up getting the early endorsement by 36 votes to 10.

Kudos to Marsh for helping the rest of the OC GOP Central Committee to see the light! Wait until Timmy hears about this!

Congratulations to Supervisor Nguyen!

Note: Thomas Gordon tells me that Trung Diep is throwing a fit as OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh is trying to close the meeting. Marsh is holding firm. Time to call the cops and get Diep tossed in the slammer for disrupting the peace!

Update: Chuck DeVore has entered the fray. He is now mouthing off to Marsh. Thomas says the Trannies are going nuts! Call out the dogs!

Update: OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh is now calling for a revote at the next Central Committee meeting. Lame!

Update: Trung Diep, the Trannie attack dog, is still arguing in the hallways at the hotel where the Central Committee meeting was held.

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