SAUSD-Mijares Corruption Thread, 2006

July 16, 2006 Orange Juice! published an expose of the Santa Ana Unified School District and its then-Superintendent, Al Mijares. It has since become the longest running published thread about SAUSD, with posts numbering more than 2,000. Orange Juice! blog has archived these posts by date and year. The current open thread can be found Here and Orange Juice! invites your participation.

I must say, I am amazed at the stories that have been posted on this blog in the wake of Al Mijares’ exit from the Santa Ana Unified School District. I am posting this item merely to give SAUSD bloggers a place to post their comments. Post away my friends – we have an opportunity now to finally do away with the corruption left over from the Mijares regime. Change is at hand, but we must remain resolute.

I noted that someone affiliated with the SAUSD administration recently posted a threat on this site – alleging possible legal action against SAUSD employees who post anonymously on this site. That is despicable and a form of terrorism. Do not let fear restrain any of you from revealing the truth.

The final challenge we face in Santa Ana is to replace Mijares with someone competent. We won’t have another opportunity like this anytime soon. This process must be open and focused and whatever else happens we must keep Audrey Noji out of the Superintendent’s position. As a member of the Cerritos College faculty and a member of the teacher’s union at that campus I opposed her when she tried to get a job at our campus. If she goes after the SAUSD superintendent post I will do so again. I know we can do better!

All of my children are in the SAUSD system. For their sake and that of all schoolchildren in the district, I urge those who are rebelling against the last vestiges of Mijares’ broken empire to keep the information flowing and to do whatever it takes to ensure that our next superintendent will be up to the task. Mijares certainly was over his head throughout his doomed tenure.

posted by Art Pedroza 7/16/2006

1. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 3:57 PM

Art:We can always count on you to use inflammatory and inappropriate words…terrorism? Please.I suggest you regulate your emotions.


2. Stanley Fiala Says:

7/16/2006 5:38 PM
Anonymous,I suggest that you drop your anonymity before you criticize Art for his choice of words. His use of word “terrorism” is absolutely appropriate word.

I do not know if there are more than one “Anonymous” from SAUSD posting here bat it was you who were describing how terrorized you are by SAUSD and therefore forced to your anonymity.

Art, this is what I consider wrong with anonymous posters. They thrush the blog. I strongly suggest that you do not allow anonymity in the OJ.

Anyone who post anonymously is essentially a coward no mater how do you want to look at it.

It serves no purpose because anything can be posted under anonymity and value of such posts are zero anyway.

3. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 6:11 PM
Anonymous postings are still required for teachers, students and community members who do not want to be retaliated against, while the current corrupt power structure decomposes.

I suggest that if someone just wants to criticize without actually adding to the discussion, that the moderator just eliminate the post.

“Terror” is an appropriate word. Unsafe schools, hostile management, liars and backroom dealers all create a sense of hopeless terror for decent folks.

Let the people most upset with this blog, lose some sleep over it.


Is there a way to transfer all the other related posts to SAUSD to this thread? It would be so much easier to refer colleagues and community members to just one link for the full scoop.

Thanks for the consideration. More importantly, thanks for pressing this issue. Its a worthy cause.

4. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 6:29 PM
I never understood what was going on. It all seemed so upside down. No one of authority was focused in on the students or the families in the community. SAUSD is run like some kind of corrupt club of thieves who are stealing from this poor community. They steal the best teachers by driving them out, they steal funds, they steal time from instruction, they abuse their positions of authority, and they disrespect the community members. It’s just sick. Many of my colleagues are leaving the Saddleback campus again this year by putting in transfers. It is heartbreaking. These professionals are wonderful. The outrageous harassment, screaming, career-damaging evaluations, all take tremendous tolls on people who are already doing some of the hardest work possible.

No one can believe that Esther “Memo” Jones was allowed to stay on as principal after that stunt she pulled last year. She’s been on a rampage the whole year, targeting good teachers for abuse.

If Noji let’s Jones stay at our demoralized site again this fall, it would show that her loyalties are not with the educational staff and students. She is well aware of the large number of grievances and legal actions at Saddleback. And if Noji claims that she does not know about the abusive administration there, then she is showing that she simply does not care to do her job properly on behalf of the city.

Excellent blogging site, btw. I got a notice of it from several people. When teachers and students return in the fall, this is gonna be a wildfire site!

5. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:23 PM
Jane Russo is coming back to SAUSD after her employment at Mountainview Distrit. Below is what is printed about her on the web. Does anyone know what kind of job she is doing for the district at this point? It was a fond farewell from Mountainview, but that would be expected. What is the real deal?

Russo leaves mountainview for the deputy super job:

four years ago you took the leadership and education baton in Mountain View and through your expertise, heart andcaring you have done a tremendous job. The work ethic and heart you have shown as an educator day in and day out hasbeen tremendous. Thank you on behalf of students and parents of Mountain View and I wish you all best in your nextendeavor.”

6. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:37 PM
This posting from another OJ blog thread, qualifies as the terrorism Art mentioned in his commentary.

Anonymous said…

TOXIC MOLD NEWS STORY- A Teacher’s Nightmare

For Immediate Relese:

Teacher Forced to Move From Home Because Santa Ana Unified School District Will Not Return Her To Work.




Santa Ana, CA – Denise Byrd, a teacher of 15 years in the Santa Ana Unified School District, (SAUSD), became ill with lung damage and other secondary physical problems around March 2001, when the portable classroom she worked in was discovered to have serious toxic mold infestation.

The results of the District’s own testing showed Denise Byrd’s classroom at Jefferson Elementary in Santa Ana, had one of the highest Toxic Mold counts among 15 other classrooms that were tested…

The other teachers in the portables also filled out surveys and had similar symptoms as Ms. Byrd. Ms. Byrd was forced to go into the same classroom when she returned around September, 2002, where again she became ill along with other students. Ms. Byrd lost her jury trial, Denise Byrd vs. SAUSD, in Sept., 2004 for failure to accommodate. The case was lost due to improper use of evidence and other puzzling reasons. ” There was and is plenty of evidence that the opposing side committed perjury which gives a good reason for a case to be overturned and re-tried”, states Denise.Byrd. She feels that her legal team was ineptand is looking for someone to represent her in a malpractice case since her time is crucial.

The District Attorney ‘s Department of Insurance Fraud has opened up an investigation to this case involving workers compensation insurance with the teachers of Santa Ana. Claims that doctors of the District are told what to say in the medical reports… ” they are not giving the teachers an honest medical report which is to covering up the problems of SAUSD.” said Byrd .” I would like the case to go to the Grand Jury for retrial or even the State Grand Jury.” said Byrd.

This classroom had not been properly cleaned and now has been removed from Jefferson Elementary in Santa Ana to an unknown area. Denise Byrd’s teaching materials and books of 20 years are missing. ” The superintendent, the board, risk management, Human Resources, and the principal… all have gone quiet about where these materials might be.” states Byrd.

In the last 5 years, Ms. Byrd has been paying her own medical bills, because the District denied she was injured on the job even though the District’s own tests and many witnesses have proof otherwise.”… and there is also doctor’s proof. ” Byrd states. She has paid her own legal expenses to try to get some justice and proof that Santa Ana has been hiding about the poor air quality that has affected so many teachers and students.

“There was no safety plan in action and to my knowledge, still does not exist” Byrd states. The parents were not notified about the REAL conditions of the portables. By law, parents have a right to know if their child has been exposed to any lice or contagious diseases within 24-48 hours. Why was this covered up? Why did the parents not get the test results of what their children had been breathing in? Now, classroom #37 has been removed and Denise Byrd.’s 20 years of teaching materials have been removed. Why would a classroom be removed and personal materials, books of a teacher be removed?

Dr. Gunnar Heuser released Ms. Byrd to return to SAUSD around July 2005, on the condition she be given a clean classroom. One without water damage, mold, or toxic chemicals to teach in. For the past year, Ms. Byrd, who is on the re-employment list and has all excellent scores on testing and is a fully qualified teacher with tenure and seniority, has not been placed back to work for the District.

The District has placed many emergency credentialed teachers and long term substitutes into positions that Ms. Byrd was qualified for. Even after continuous pleas by CTA California Teachers Association attorney, Marianne Reinhold, and Byrd’s unanswered letters to Superintendent Al Mijares, the Board of Education, and Human Resources , she still is being ignored.

Denise Byrd has lost her lifetime saving from teaching and is now losing her small home/condo of 13 years. She has nowhere to go. ” If a person has been released by their Dr. and is capable under normal circumstances to perform top quality teaching, then why would a school District bypass a wonderful teacher to hire less qualified personnel or emergency credentialed teachers?” states Byrd. If the District would have hired Denie Byrd back in September 2005, she would not be losing her home.

Denise Byrd, never got to start the school year of 2005-2006 that is ending now…

On June 21, 2006 Denise Byrd filed a complaint with the Department of Fair employment and Housing.” According to the Law, the District should have re-hired me back in the summer of 2005, for this last school year 2005-2006. Because of their stalling, this has caused tremendous financial hardship, which is forcing me to move from my home. I have even had a CTA (California Teachers Association) Attorney fighting for my positions since September, 2005. The District is playing political checkers. The SAUSD is one the five largest school districts in the state of California so I find it difficult to beleive there is no place for a teacher with my excellent record.” said Byrd.

According to public records, there have been approximately to 200 new teachers hired… emergency credentialed teachers, substitute teachers, long-term and short-term positions, and many, many other positions in which Byrd could have been easily placed.

“Why would the District not re-hire a qualified and great teacher? Why are they stalling?”

The clock is running out for Denise Byrd.

Contact: Denise Byrd 714-931-6221 LMS Newswire 310- 922-1200

7/03/2006 10:31 AM

7. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:40 PM
This is an open letter to Santa Ana Unified School District Board President Dr. Audrey Noji and SAUSD Deputy Superintendent Jane Russo. When it became known that Dr. Noji recruited Jane Russo for the position of Deputy Superintendent of SAUSD and when Ms. Russo assumed that position last November 2005 it was clear to me that SAUSD Superintendent Dr. Al Mijares was on his way out.

I came to that conclusion for several reasons. I knew Ms. Russo when she previously worked for SAUSD as an Area II administrator responsible for the operations of Valley High School, Carr Intermediate, Spurgeon Intermediate and other schools in Area II. I also knew that reorganizing SAUSD into areas and inserting “super-principals” as liaisons between school sites and the down town administration was typical of the hair-brain schemes the Dr. Mijares was noted for. It seems Dr. Mijares liked to copy from other school districts. Area administrators worked well for LAUSD because LAUSD was a huge district but to copy LAUSD and mechanically apply it to SAUSD was just plain silly. Eventually the Area Administrator idea was scrapped for “budgetary reasons” and some of the Area Administrators were reabsorbed into the SAUSD bureaucracy while others where sent packing. Ms Russo was one of those Area Administrators who was sent packing.

When Ms. Russo was brought back to SAUSD it was a clear signal that a deal must have been made between Dr. Noji and Ms. Russo. When Ms Russo was appointed Deputy Superintendent she passed over two other administrators in SAUSD. Before Ms Russo assumed her new position, assistant superintendents Drs. Bratcher and Stainer reported directly to Dr. Mijares. The assistant superintendents, who are both ambitious people, were now, according to the chain of command, forced to report to Ms Russo. The gang of three (Mijares-Bratcher-Stainer) were organizationally broken up where Ms Russo could supervise Bratcher and Stainer directly and at the same time Ms Russo could monitor any communications between the Assistant Superintendents and the Superintendent. For Bratcher and Stainer, the appointment of Jane Russo as Deputy Superintendent must have been a sever blow to their ambitions and it also sent a message that one of both of their tenures at SAUSD may be coming to a close. Dr. Noji and her allies on the school board (Richardson and Tinajero) had clearly organized a coup against Dr. Mijares.

Assuming my analysis above is correct, then I would strongly urge you Dr. Noji and Ms. Russo that the expected house cleaning at the top of the SAUSD organization be carried on at the lower levels of SAUSD. Several years ago Dr. Mijares made it clear to his principals that their failure to meet the California State mandated academic achievement standards were not grounds for dismissal. What Dr. Mijares was actually telling his principals was loyalty to him far outweighed loyalty to the students and parents of SAUSD. What Dr. Mijares was really saying to his principals was loyalty to him was far more important then professionalism, managerial skills, ethics, morality, human relationships, and commitment to public education.

Dr. Noji and Ms Russo you have principals in SAUSD that are so severely incompetent and corrupt that to continue tolerating their employment calls into question your loyalty to the students and parents of SAUSD. You have principals at schools in SAUSD that have turned their campuses into prisons. These “wardens” have principal organized “snitch networks” where tagging crews are tolerated because their members feed information to the principal. These “wardens” have drug pushers that are tolerated because they feed information to the principal. These “wardens” have recruited students to spy on teachers, on security personnel, other administrators, and on custodians. These “wardens” have recruited teachers and security and counselors and custodians to spy on each other. Teacher and staff morale has plummeted at these prisons as evidenced by the extraordinary turn over rates, the extraordinary number of law suits filed against these warden-principals and the SAUSD (and the huge legal fees and settlement claims SAUSD has been forced to assume), and the record number of grievances filed by union members.

Dr. Noji and Ms Russo, you have principals that constantly violate board policies with impunity. You have principals that lie all the time and your top administrators have tolerated their deceptions. You have principals that protect employees who have been identified as sexual predators and your top administrators have allowed these predators to continue to be employed by SAUSD. You have principals that have custodial staff do yard works at the principal’s home and the principal pays these staff people overtime from SAUSD funds. You have principals that recruit teachers and staff loyal to them and these principal rewards their loyalist with overtime pay, extra stipends, conferences, extra assignments such as working zero periods and conference periods and after school periods all for big increases in pay and without regard to qualifications. It is not unusual for these loyalist to make $125,000 per year. In other words you have massive feather bedding going on, an obvious example of corruption, and your top administrators have turned a blind eye to it.

Dr. Noji and Ms Russo you have an opportunity to undo all the horrors that have characterized the Mijares administration and you have the added opportunity to set SAUSD on a new course. A school district is not judged by the objective number of its buildings, the objective number of its students, and the objective number of its staff and teachers. A school district is judged by its results some of which are objective but many of which are subjective. Yes, we need to get our graduation rates up. Yes, we need to get our schools off the awful “program improvement tracks” so many of our school are stuck on. Yes, we need to increase the number of students that go on to higher education. But we must first heal the wounds inflicted upon us over the last 12 years. When healed we can then begin to trust each other. With trust comes cooperation. With cooperation comes the free exchange of ideas. With the free exchange of ideas come new ideas derived from the synthesis of the exchange. And since new ideas come from people, SAUSD can discover new educational leaders who can lead us out of the dead end in which we find ourselves bleeding and demoralized today. I guarantee if you clean up this district with deeds and not only words you will show you are serious about the future. The time to act is now. Show us! 7/07/2006 6:25 PM

8. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:42 PM
Now that Dr. Mijares is gone, there is hope for the District. Tony Espinosa does not have companion to protect him. His days are numbered. Espinosa with the help of Mijares, has taken Valley HS to the bottom. He needs to get the hell out of Valley HS. Espinosa is the worst administrator in SAUSD. Why are his brothers working under him? Answer: Juan Lopez, HR, is protecting him and bringing people from Whittier Union High School District. Juan Lopez is an ass! Do not trust either of them. Anonymous 7/10/2006 10:54 AM

9. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:44 PM
Plato said…

I agree, Mr. Espoinosa and his unprofessionalism has taken Valley HS to the pits. His group of spies that include his activities director are corrupt. I wonder how they are able to breath….they have their heads so far up his…..! Particularly his activities director, I understand she has to use doggie steps to get into bed! What a terrible personality for the school and the kids!

7/10/2006 8:40 PM

10. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:45 PM
The reason why an activities director is so important, is because they have contact with huge sums of cash for all the clubs and activities. There are lots of complaints at Saddleback on how the activities director has been unaccountable for funds. Ironically this fairly “new” vice principal is the acting summer school principal. She’s not ugly to look at, but she’s a real piece of ugly work to anyone who questions her misdeeds.

7/11/2006 6:04 AM

11. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:47 PM
Im not sure about SHS actvity dir. but Juan Lopez comes from a history of several districts with several misdeeds. Passed over for higher level jobs, he clearly was not selected for his knoweledge and kisses ass of big Al and now, Jane Russo, our formal colleague. The district contninues to lose dollars and blames teacher and site administrators. We give back nearly 12% and get back 11 and change… We take pay cuts, days lessened and Good ol Juan did nothing of a sort for cabinet members. Why Bernadette? Isnt it time that we have an administrative team that cares abouts teachers and kids instead of themselves. How can you justify that Juan is worth $175k per year when we just released over 500 teahcers these past three years???? It’s time they all go and we start anew….

7/12/2006 5:51 PM

12. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:48 PM
Regarding the post about Tom Harrison made several days ago; A teacher related to me that when Dr. Noji found out she was not being endorsed by SAEA (an endorsement means campaign money from SAEA, CTA, and the NEA) Dr. Noji went ballistic and left an splenetic voice mail on Mr. Harrison’s answering machine. The teacher did not know the content of the voice mail but she did say a transcript was being processed. Perhaps we can ask Mr. Harrison or the new SAEA leadership to release that transcript.

7/13/2006 11:15 AM

13. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:49 PM
The proof of Dr. Noji’s control loss will come when and if the SAEA releases the transcripts. Without the transcripts we then have only a rumor. Consider this: Joe Krauss has transferred to another district despite the fact that he was senior executive director and had the option to stay at SAEA. Because SAUSD now has less then 3000 teachers, SAEA must jettison one of it’s executive directors as per CTA rules. Gladys Hall- Kessler, the junior executive director, is now the senior executive director at SAEA. Ms Hall Kessler is known to be a friend of Dr. Noji. Ms Hall Kessler has always been a supporter of Dr. Noji in the past. Now Ms Hall Kessler’s influence on the SAEA has grown. How that influence plays out will be tested in the next few months leading up to the November elections. To what extent the new leadership at SAEA allows past political allegiances to continue will help all of us better understand the new SAEA leadership. 7/14/2006 12:26 AM

14. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:50 PM
“Ironically this fairly “new” vice principal is the acting summer school principal. She’s not ugly to look at, but she’s a real piece of ugly work to anyone who questions her misdeeds.

“Gives a real meaning to VICE principal. Anyone call the District Attorney about this?

Paul Bartlett needs to get off his butt and look into the wrongdoing.

15. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:51 PM
I have heard stories that Noji has been unwavering in her support of Mijares to stories that she’s just been beaten up a lot, so she doesn’t make strong decisions that support schools in the form of good leadership and practices that are focused on students, rather than proping up weak administrators like Jones (Saddleback) and Espinoza(Valley).

Anyone have insight? 7/07/2006 6:14 PM

16. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:53 PM
It is troublesome that bloggers make comments, accusations, and innuendos regardless if they are true and have merit. The bloggers who “hope for healing” (7/1/06 @ 1:11 pm) are quickly overshadowed by bloggers who post malicious and mean-spirited comments issued against people who may not even be aware that they are being maligned in cyberland.

This site has digressed to a playground for anonymous “experts” providing their voluminous accounts of what really happens at SAUSD. Are you anonymous experts aware that when you defame another individual verbally in a manner which is untrue and unsubstantiated and which can affect their reputation and ability to carry out their jobs, it is slander? When it is done in written form, it is libel.

Citizens who write lies in blogs are just as guilty of libel as those who print them in newspapers. Just because you are anonymous doesn’t mean you are free to blog away.

You are not exempted from the law, just because you are playing in cyberland. The written word is still the written word.

Opinions are the rights of Americans, but having an opinion does not give any citizen the right to express bigotry, racism, or lies towards others in public.

It is also troublesome the way some bloggers feel entitled to hide their identity while they spew out random vile ugliness and evil towards others. It is my personal opinion that some of you blithely print total lies and inaccuracies simply for the negative, spurious impact they create.

The day will come when the first lawsuit is filed against an anonymous blogger for slander and libel, because at the end of the day, no one is really anonymous, are they?

7/14/2006 7:31 AM

17. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:55 PM
The day will come when the first lawsuit is filed against an anonymous blogger for slander and libel, because at the end of the day, no one is really anonymous, are they?

Said the brave ANONYMOUS POSTER.

Guess what? Whistleblowing is not only legal and ethical, but it is also a legally protected activity.

If an employee has already reported the wrongdoing, if a legal case is already in the works, if the district is already aware of wrongdoing in the form of a grievance, then any poster is protected in letting others know.

You seem determined to squash the conversation so needed for legitimate changes necessary in a very corrupt system.

I notice your focus is not on the community or the students. You have a lot to hide, is my feeling 7/14/2006 3:41 PM

18. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 7:59 PM
Anonymous said…

Teacher abuse is a sign of a very corrupt district. Abuse attempts to hide lies, incompetence and interfere with the learning environment that good teachers cherish. Here is a list of stages of abuse. MOST TEACHERS ARE NOT AWARE OF INTENTIONAL ABUSE AND BULLYING UNTIL LEVEL 8!!!

Does our union even have a clause that protects teachers’ basic right to an abuse-free work site? If not, then it is about time!


General Goal: Maintain an organization whereby the hierarchy has absolute power and neither the teachers nor the parents can interfere, thus hiding incompetence, maintaining lucrative positions, and control over the budget.Methods/Goals-in order of intensity (Most teachers not aware it is intentional bullying until level 8.)

Avoid hiring older experienced teachers who are thinkers./Keep a staff of young revolving door teachers so roots and opinions won’t establish.

Praise conformity./Staff of Stepford teachers who won’t question anything.

Give perks to a small group of teachers that form first line of defense against other teachers./Create a barrier clique between administration and teachers by rewarding a few good soldiers who will serve as positive voice pieces for the administration.

Overload with work./Create inability to complain about issues – keep too busy.

Limit assistance with difficult children or purposely load certain teacher with difficult children./Create inability to complain about issues keep too busy to speak out.

Limit support with difficult parents and create barrier between teachers and parents./Attack self-esteem so won’t feel empowered and won’t trust their own thinking while eliminating parent allies from forming.

Place children of high profile parents with teachers who conform./Avoid having parents form allies with strong teachers.

Write up false reports./Flex muscles so teacher will know they are being controlled and will become confused.

Create files with false and negative reports; create separate file in case contract requires teacher is to be informed, and keep documents out of teacher’s view./Build a case against teacher.

Threaten- directly or through rumors or innuendo by designated staff messengers./Create wall of fear to silence teacher. Threaten others in presence./Set example; increase fear to point where teacher will report other. Humiliate./Keep divergent thinker as dysfunctional as possible; weaken self esteem.

Torment./Affect psychological health so easier to control and teacher will quit. Demonstrate clear demarcations between favored and unfavored staff;lower evaluations of teachers who befriend administration’s target teachers./Encourage teachers to choose party line so undesirable teachers will quit.

Let union people know they must support administration./Avoid records that can be used against administration in case there is tenure hearing.

Ostracize – divide and conquer./Create system of quislings to force unwanted teacher out. Suggest resigning to avoid termination./Hide bullying pattern from Board, save money on hearing, frighten teacher into last chance for any reference or future teaching jobs.

Banish with leave or ordered doctor visit, especially using testimony for fee psychiatrist./Use fear of psychological report to encourage resignation.

Terminate and settle with a gag order not to talk against district./Don’t pay teacher so desperate teacher will give in. Promise good reference; destroy reputation so they will never be in a position to bad mouth former district./Secretly inform other districts so teacher won’t be hired elsewhere in area or even same city.

Politically control tenure hearing; submit altered documents; arrange for colleagues to give false testimony for status; call witnesses and directly and indirectly warn them; drive teacher to despair so she will give up./Good Ol Boy Network protects each other knowing the system depends on silencing – witness tampering and altered documents won’t be noticed.

Politically control tenure decision. /stall/War of attrition: hope for natural death. Threaten or entice union into selling out teacher./Guaranteed absolute power so no teacher will speak out.

Your guess is as good as mine.

7/16/2006 2:56 PM

19. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 8:00 PM
Vice principal Evelyn Carrigg at Saddleback is having a little pow wow with the Office of Civil Rights in the fall. Seems she expelled a girl with transgender traits over the summer. The teen was talking in class with another teen. The other teen got kicked out of summer school will be back. The girl who looks transgender was kicked out for the whole next year.

Despite the fact that she has an IEP and and you can’t just ….on a whim…. change placement.

You go, little girl. That dummy Carrigg overstepped the law AGAIN

Of course, I expect Carrigg to try and lie her way out of this. But those of us who are watching will be paying attention

20. Stanley Fiala Says:

7/16/2006 8:02 PM
Why not compile a SAUSD “axis of evil” list.

Who is gone do it Anonymous?

21. Anonymous Says:

7/16/2006 8:07 PM
Ever call the front office at Saddleback?

Patty, head office staff will hang up on you if she feels like it!

Talk about professional public service!

She gets her kicks out of telling teachers off and informing them that they have a closed-door conference with “Memo” Jones. She is also lazy and lies about reinbursements.

Clean house!

22. Stanley Fiala Says:

7/16/2006 8:31 PM
Look you all Anonymous from SAUSD,The bitching and moaning will not help!If you want some constructive change you must identify the problem and start applying continues organized pressure until you achieve the change.However, that will be virtually impossible as long as you remain anonymous and refuse to act as ZORRO.

23. Art Pedroza Says:

7/16/2006 9:05 PM

Terrorism? You bet. See the anonymous post that went up at 7:53 tonight. Mijares’ goons are already threatening those who are speaking out against their transgressions – and threatening lawsuits. That sure sounds like terrorism to me.

Let the truth come out! It has been bottle up for too long under Mijares and his cronies.

24. Luis Says:

7/17/2006 5:39 AM
It is interesting for me to hear some of the stories coming out of teachers, and the victims of the current administration. I worked for the school district since 1996 as a tennis coach, then started teaching math in 2000. My tenure ended in 2004, and since then I have been speaking about the problems in SAUSD, specifically regarding Mijares and his staff. During the district recall, many complained of the micromanaging taken place by the school board, but could you really blame them, now that you know what was going on

25. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 6:21 AM
Why has the teacher’s union allowed all of these atrocities all these years?

26. Luis Says:

7/17/2006 7:23 AM
It was known for awhile that Tom Harrison and Dr. Mijares were close, at least, professionally. Many of us claimed it was a conflict, and the issue was quickly tabled.

27. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 7:56 AM
I think the board got rid of Mijares because the district has had to pay out so many millions of dollars in legal costs due to Mijares’ bad management:


1. He ignored legitimate claims of sexual harassment by one of his crony employees,

2. There were numerous unresolved grievances, and

3. Millions was lost in school construction due to poor managment of facilities finances even after Nativo was recalled. 6/30/2006 10:19 PM

28. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 7:56 AM
Was Tom Harrison President the entire time Mijares was there?

29. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 10:03 AM
Tom Harrison finished 4 years as SAEA President on July 1, 2006. Dave Barton was elected SAEA president (running unopposed) last spring. If you want to understand the internal politics of the SAEA you should focus on Gladys Hall-Kessler. Ms. Hall-Kessler has been a long time teacher and union activist in SAUSD and the SAEA. Ms. Hall-Kessler was past president of the SAEA and later she was hired by the CTA and was appointed Executive Director to the SAEA by the CTA. Ms. Hall-Kessler is philosophically a pragmatist who will put the interest of the SAEA in front of the interest of any individual teacher. Ms. Hall-Kessler has many supporters in the SAEA including a large conservative minority on the SAEA Board of Directors. It is my opinion that Dr, Mijares and Dr. Hall-Kessler have danced a political tango for many years.

30. Luis Says:

7/17/2006 10:31 AM
Is she the British speaking lady who always wears hats?

31. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 11:38 AM
No. Glady Hall-Kessler is the older women who hails from Argentina. She is very intelligent and she is very well spoken.

32. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 11:48 AM
I would like to suggest, and I could be far off the mark, that the anonymous blogger who posted on 7/14/2006 7:31 AM and made all those threats is none other than Bill Schaeffer of Breon and Schaeffer, the attorneys representing SAUSD. Schaeffer is a former LAPD union attorney who is excellent at intimidation and innuendo.

33. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 11:54 AM
Anon at 7:17 writes: “Ms. Hall-Kessler was past president of the SAEA and later she was hired by the CTA and was appointed Executive Director to the SAEA by the CTA. Ms. Hall-Kessler is philosophically a pragmatist who will put the interest of the SAEA in front of the interest of any individual teacher.”Isn’t the the purpose of SAEA to put the interest of the “individual” teacher first? If not, why have a union?

34. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 12:16 PM
There are people and leaders in the SAEA who will fight tooth and claw to protect the rights of the individual even if that fight brings on the wrath of SAUSD. Then there are people in the SAEA who see the organization as a social club. Then there are people who see the SAEA as a vehicle to promote their own personal agenda. Finally there are people in the SAEA who like to be in the thick of things hobnobbing with the local elites falling under the spell of the professional charmers otherwise known as politicians. Feeling important and being made to feel important is an addiction that is hard to kick.

35. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 12:23 PM
Which category does Kessler and Harrison fall into?

Weren’t unions designed to protect their members from the evils of management?

Can we say “shame on SAUSD for doing evil” and “shame on the unions for letting SAUSD do evil.”

In the end, its the individual teacher who loses both by SAUSD and their union.

36. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 12:39 PM
I will answer by referring you back to my blog at 7/17/2006 10:03 AM

37. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 2:26 PM
Anon 7/17 @ 12:16 re your post. Where does Barton fall? Is he pro-individual teachers?

Union members voted for Kessler then Harrison and how Barton. Shouldn’t the rank and file take some ownership of those they elected to serve them.

I think if you had a union that backed its members 90% of the alleged abuse would not happen. What do you think?

38. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 4:46 PM
The SAEA is not the problem nor is it the issue. SAEA has very little freedom of action. The SAEA negotiates a contract (a set of work rules) with the SAUSD. The Union membership votes on the contract and the SAUSD Board votes on the contract. If the majority prevails on both sides, the contract is binding on both parties and both parties are expected to abide by it. The problem and the issue is the constant subversion of the contract by the SAUSD. If SAUSD violates the contract, then according to the language of the contract a long and protracted process is initiated to force the SAUSD to come back into compliance with the contract. There is step one grievance followed by a step two grievance followed by a step three grievance followed by arbitration. The entire process can take up to a year. In the meantime, SAUSD has taken advantage of this process to punish or threaten to punish teachers. SAUSD expects to lose this process and the teacher may win but the problem is the teacher can find him or herself stuck in another school teaching a subject he/she is not qualified to teach being harassed by the principal of that school who is trying to score points with the people responsible for the contract violating transfer to begin with. No matter who the president of SAEA happens to be, everyone is bound together by the contract and the contract as it is presently written favors arbitrary and capricious behavior on the part of SAUSD. We are not equal because the teachers do not have freedom of action.

39. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 6:30 PM
How is it that the kids can vandalize and burn trash cans in classrooms while under teacher supervision?

How can these kids use markers to grafiti on walls, desk, doors and cause thousands of dollars of damage while under the supervision of a teacher?

40. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 7:41 PM
Teachers can be in their classrooms teaching or teachers can be in the hallways and bathrooms doing security. Teachers can not do both at the same time. That is why SAUSD has hired security guards at $50,000 per year and assistant principals at $90,000 per year and other non teaching personnel at entire range of salaries. In addition students have to go to the bathroom. Girl students have female issues that teachers cannot question. Male and female students have health issues that can not be questioned. Students are called out of class to report to the counseling office, to the gym, to the front office, to the activities director, to other teachers. Kids are roaming the hallways for a variety of reasons all the time in big numbers. All these issues require that the teacher release the student. Some of these students, about 1% to 2% (in a school of 3000 students that is about 30 to 60 students) are sociopaths. It is these sociopaths that burn thrash cans, grifitti the walls and cause general havoc. An excellent principal with good management skills can reduce the mayhem but no one can totally eliminate the problem so long as schools are stuffed full with thousands of students.

41. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 8:22 PM
” No matter who the president of SAEA happens to be, everyone is bound together by the contract and the contract as it is presently written favors arbitrary and capricious behavior on the part of SAUSD. We are not equal because the teachers do not have freedom of action.

“Why not have good faith bargaining? Maybe take a contract from an ethical district and agree to apply it to SAUSD? Good teachers used to get attracted to the district because the pay was better than other districts. But who really would want to join up with a district who has self-centered leaders who put all that effort into getting rid of teachers in such a devious way?

42. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 8:32 PM
I am totally confused on this situation with the teacher who has TOXIC problems. If she has the symptoms, kids from her classes would have similar symptoms.

It seems to me that a good lawyer would have asked for certification that none of the children suffered from the same symptoms.

Where is the Risk Management lawyer for this district. I serve on several boards and I would be scared to death of being held responsible for all the “wrongdoings” that is being claimed in this blog. If even one of these allegations made here are true, crimal and civil penalties would be filed against me.

From what I see here, several Federal laws governing civil rights, ADA, federal guidelines on audits and whistleblower protections are being violated.

As a member of this board I would be contacting my own personal lawyer on what protections I have against being indicted on violating Federal laws.

As I am not familiar with Californis laws, I can’t claim any knowledge on protections being afforded these board members. I do know they are not protected from federal prosecution for willfully and knowingly covering up and not living up to the statutes that govern the dispensing of federal funds.

All that is needed here is a claim files with feds that federal funds are not being dispensed as requireed and that an AUDIT by a true CPA firm be completed and filed with feds. THese folks are crazy in my opinion. Civil penalties will not be covered for board members by insurancew when illegalities are discovered.

Just a thought….

43. Anonymous Says:

7/17/2006 10:20 PM
To Anonymous 7/17/2006 8:22 PM: The SAUSD/SAEA contract as it is presently written has problems but as a document guiding the behavior of teachers and administrators the contract would work if everyone behaved ethically, professionally, and honestly. But a decade of a corrupt and morally poisonous Mijares regime has created the present house of horrors. Morally poisoned principals such as Espinosa, Jones, Bishop, and Salcedo, have succumbed because they consciously sipped from the morally poisonous chalice of Mijares. Moral poison tends to evaporate like bitter perfume spreading throughout its environment and some SAEA leaders wiffed those fumes from Mijare’s chalice. That explains why certain SAEA leaders have not always acted in the best interest of all its members. And the elected Noji has allowed the moral poison to spread throughout the district withering everything and nearly everyone . That also explains why some SAEA leaders have worked hard to stop the spreading poison and have denied Noji the endorsement of the SAEA. That is also why I am optimistic that with Dave Barton’s leadership the Mijares poison will be neutralized within SAEA. It’s now up to SAUSD leadership to neutralize the Mijares poison within SAUSD

44. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 3:09 PM
Of possible interest:

On June 29, 2006, EFF filed to block an Oklahoma school superintendent’s attempt to unmask the identities of a local website’s operator and all registered users.

The superintendent has sued Internet users who criticized him on the website’s message board. In its motion to quash, EFF argues that the plaintiff’s overbroad subpoena seeking to identify the site’s operator and users violates First Amendment protections for anonymous speech and association.

“Anonymity is critical to public discourse and fundamental to a free society, allowing speakers to offer diverse views without fear of undue reprisal,” said EFF Staff Attorney Corynne McSherry. “There is now clear judicial consensus that subpoenas to identify anonymous speakers must be carefully scrutinized.”

In recent months, EFF lawyers have represented or provided amicus support in anonymity cases in California, Colorado, and Delaware. In the latter case, Doe v. Cahill, EFF helped successfully defend a Delaware blogger who had criticized a member of the town council. The case resulted in the first state supreme court decision confirming the First Amendment right to remain anonymous until a litigant can demonstrate a legitimate claim.

“Litigants must not be permitted to abuse the judicial process to identity anonymous individuals who have simply created a forum for critical comments or made statements a plaintiff dislikes,” said EFF Staff Attorney Matt Zimmerman. “Speech critical of public officials—made anonymously or not—enjoys an extremely high level of legal protection.”

Oral argument on EFF’s motion to quash is scheduled for July 20th, 2006.

45. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 7:21 PM
Anonymous said…

June 25, 2006

TO: Dr. A. Noji- President, Santa Ana Unified School Board

Subject: Graduation Waivers

Speaking on behalf of members of the staff of Saddleback High School, we are deeply concerned about the granting of graduation requirement waivers by our school site administrator, Esther Jones. It has come to our attention, from a reliable source, that she was directed by Dr. Lewis Bratcher to take whatever means necessary to increase the graduation rate at Saddleback High School.

Mrs. Jones granted waivers to course requirements for 30 seniors and allowed them to gain their diploma in direct violation of Board Policy. In addition, 15 of those seniors, due to waived course requirements, did not achieve the mandatory 240 credit requirement directed by Board policy as well.

This situition occurred last year if you will recall, and we, were given to understand that corrective action was taken and this type of situation would not occur again. This type of action is not only illegal but also unethical. The diplomas that are given out to graduating seniors, who legitimately achieved passing scores and attained credit requirements, lose validity and value. These waivers also usurp the final decision making authority of the teacher. Our fellow teachers have already sited examples of underclassmen saying things such as “if I fail this class, no big deal, I’ll just ask Mrs. Jones to waive it.”

Additionally, for the third year in a row, we are looking at starting the new school year with a reduction of as many as 10 teaching positions. The District is projecting that our enrollment will be 2400 students. However according to our counseling center, Saddleback has between 2600 to 2700 students assigned and has students assigned to 50 classes without a teacher. We are looking at class sizes to attain or exceed 50 students per class. This is unacceptable and in violation of our collective bargaining agreement. Meg Robinson, SAEA High School Director, has already brought this to your attention. This is another attempt of the District to save money by hiring long-term substitutes instead of qualified classroom teachers.

We respectfully urge that an independent outside investigation be initiated, and those who are involved in allowing or directing this waiver process to be employed, be dismissed from their District employment. This type of blatant disregard for Board Policy, and educational ethics cannot be allowed. These waivers and class sizes are a disservice to the District, the schools, the teachers, and the students and measures need to be taken immediately to address this misconduct.

7/09/2006 6:33 PM

46. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 7:24 PM
Anonymous said…

anon at 1:11 pm

The Supt. got away with all that you list and more, however the current Board majority – Noji, Richardson, Avila and Tinajero – allowed him to do so and rewarded Mijares with a three-year contract renewal last spring.

Declining enrollment was projected by staff years ago; don’t get caught up in the declining enrollment scam Mijares and Noji are peddling. Their tenures – combined over 24 years – arefilled with mismanagment mistakes that were absorbed by the teachers!

Over one year ago the teachers gave the Supt. a vote of no confidence and this year they refused to endorse Noji because she mislead the union regarding Mijares the last time she sought their support.

It’s time SAUSD voters woke up! Mijares’ departure is good news; better news would be the defeat of Noji in Nov.

In order to ensure an open and transparent search for a new Supt., Noji must go.

There are qualified candidates outside of SAUSD; the answer is not housed at the district office. 7/01/2006 8:23 PM

47. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 8:12 PM
So the district has two lawfirms to presumably keep the district out of legal trouble. How much were they billing this district for so-called advice? The place is a mess. How many illegal activities were known by the lawyers? And aren’t they liable for malpractice if they don’t make the board or superintendent aware of illegal activities like funds missing or predatory employees?

Lawyers were sanctioned in Fresno for hiding problems and then overbilling. Smells a lot like what has been going on in SAUSD. Follow the money

California Federal Judge Sanctions Law Firm For Lying in a Special Education CaseFresno law firm Lozano Smith billed the school district $500,000 for a case that could have been settled years ago for $8,000. How this makes sense is beyond us. Betsy Combier

Lying, obstruction cited in sanctions for law firm

Fresno’s Lozano Smith, attorney ordered to train in ethics.

By Erin Kennedy / The Fresno Bee, January 18, 2005

48. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 8:43 PM
I spoke the other night on legal ramifications for board members. One of the best ways to force a board to act is parental scrutiny and demands for answers especially for kids covered under the ADA and special education guidelines. Parents DO WIN…

an example…

Parent has some great examples of how a non-involved board can be forced to make changes or pay the piper.

Incompetent board members must be made to pay for screwing up otherwise just our children pay for their failure to ensure quality and fairness for all students

49. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 9:33 PM
I love kenny roger saying….. you need to know when to hold them and knw when to fold them….know when to walk away know when to run… and the our super didn’t know when to just go.

50. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 9:41 PM
At Valley High School West aka Godinez Espinosa has over enrolled the school. The school was built to teach 2500 kids and Espinosa has enrolled 3000 students. To make all those kids fit into the limited space Espinosa has forced all the RSP and SDC kids into all regular Ed. classes without providing them with alternative classes to help them be successful. Why? because he does not have enough classroom space to provide RSP and SDC teachers with classrooms. Are Bratcher and Noji aware of this situation? Of course they are. Did they approve of Espinosa’s abuse of these special needs kids and his illegal solution? Of course they did. Do the parents of these Special Ed kids know what is going on? No they don’t. Will we see 50 kids in each classroom at Godinez? Yes we will. Now, can you imagine the quality of special education at Godinez with 50 kids per class and 10 or 15 special needs kids sprinkled among that huge crowd?

51. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 9:42 PM
denise byrd….you do what you have to do….admin. are letting teachers who degrade students and who have no respect for ther principles allow then to transfer to other schools with no type of console is…..just what he district office expct there are no consequences?????

52. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 9:45 PM
Russo use to be a upright person who was for what was right…knw that she is with Audry……it makes you wonder??????has she flipped????????

53. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 9:50 PM
I feel sorry for Mr Espinoza wife…he wonders and she is faithfull…I guess it just like the schools they both come from.

54. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 9:52 PM
ms byrd…….PAY THE LADY




55. Anonymous Says:

7/18/2006 9:56 PM
Yes you can have DSO who do there jobs. And those who are known for doing there cross puzzes and complain.

56. Anonymous Says:

7/19/2006 3:32 PM
Through the grapevine, we learn that Esther Jones, in cahoots with Juan Lopez and Lewis Bratcher is finally getting rid of the only decent human vice principal at the site, Robert Hood Sanchez. She probably gave him some lame evaluation, ran it up to Lopez’ office and berated Lopez into finalizing Sanchez’ departure. It would be an absolute farce for either Bratcher or Lopez to actually believe anything that Jones says or writes. Time after time, employee after employee, the site turns over massive amounts of decent educational personnel because Jones doesn’t like others who actually like their jobs and want to do the best for the students.

57. Anonymous Says:

7/19/2006 4:00 PM
My favorite Esther story is about last summer when a hand-picked group of bright-eyed Saddleback staff went to a Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. The rental car is in Esther’s name so they are all kind of captives. She doesn’t want to go to the workshops. She wants to go shopping at the mall. The mall in Scottsdale. The group comes back scratching their heads and disgusted with their “Leader”.

Someone tell the woman she works 3 minutes away from South Coast Plaza where she can shop on her own time.

58. Anonymous Says:

7/19/2006 4:30 PM
Anyone remember Angel Gallardo over at Carr?

You might recognize some of his tactics being used by other dishonest administrators who use harassment and intimidation on staff members:

Gallardo assumed his duties in January 2000. According to Gill and her witnesses, almost immediately Gallardo embarked on a campaign to drive out the school’s “older teachers.” He told the vice-principal, James Gonzales, older teachers “were too voiceful,” dead weight, and a crutch. He identified Gill to Gonzales as one of those unwanted “older teachers.” He told another veteran P. E. teacher, Patty Schnell, he “wanted all the older teachers at this school out of here and if they don’t get out I will pack up their stuff for them.” Another 26-year veteran teacher (who was also a union representative) testified Gallardo frequently targeted “older teachers” for harassment, asking them in her presence if they wanted to retire.

At first, Gill and Gallardo got along well enough. But their relationship began to sour in November 2000 when the school’s athletic field needed to be reseeded. Gallardo had announced the field would be reseeded all at once, rendering it unusable for the entire school year. Gill questioned him about the plan, and he said it was strictly a “downtown” (i.e., district) decision over which he had no control. When Gill asked if she could talk to someone at the district about the obvious drawbacks of the plan (she proposed reseeding the field one-half at a time so the students could still use part of the field), Gallardo threatened to fire her if she went over his head. But then Gallardo relented, saying she could mention it to someone from the district she would be seeing at an upcoming conference. Gill did and was told the reseeding schedule was entirely dictated by the school principal, not the district. Gill subsequently wrote a letter about the reseeding issue and Gallardo’s threat to fire her, and asked that it be placed in her personnel file.Throughout the next months, Gallardo made numerous comments to Gill about her age and inquiring about her retirement plans.

He later took Gill aside and told her that while she was gone, every teacher in the P.E. Department had complained to him about her, but he forbade her to question any of her colleagues about the complaints. Apparently, he did the same thing to Schnell-telling her everyone in the P.E. Department complained about her, but forbidding her to question anyone. When Gill and Schnell finally compared notes, and then questioned their fellow teachers, they all denied having ever complained to Gallardo about them.

In June 2001, Gill filed a complaint with the California State Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), and filed a government tort claim with the district. Both claimed injuries occurring due to harassment by Gallardo from January 2001 to March 2, 2001. On July 2, 2001, the DFEH issued Gill a “right to sue” letter.

Good Riddance to Angel! It is sad that this kind of practice is still happening in SAUSD. link for the rest of the story –

59. Art Pedroza Says:

7/19/2006 7:04 PM
I just deleted a post that insinuated that a SAUSD administrator is cheating on his wife. Folks, please, let’s keep it clean. No innuendo! Stick to the facts and do us all a favor. Even better, stick to writing about education and let’s avoid talking about anyone’s gender, spouses, etc. Thanks!

60. Anonymous Says:

7/19/2006 7:13 PM
So Jones does not have Callaway anymore – She went to Activities at Segerstrom where she can try and un-do all the bad stuff she learned at Saddleback. Lyn’s a much better role model for aspiring administrative staff. Remember, Katrina- no yelling at the students. It’s bad form.

Sanchez is getting pushed out. Someone alert Noji or Russo that he should really stay, if only as an anti-venom to a very toxic situation.

Covert- busy messing up the schedules, as only he can.

Todd Oishi’s spot is still open. It was temporarily filled by Stephanie, who was brought out of retirement. Man, did SHE get an eyeful when there.

And Carrigg. wow. too much to comment there except that she’s the only dedicated hit person for Jones that is left.

Wonder if they’ll send a creep or a good guy to help out at Saddleback.

61. Anonymous Says:

7/19/2006 7:26 PM
As a substitute I saw Bob DeBerry at Walker fall asleep during an observation. The teacher told me later that she got a needs to improve evaluation!

62. Anonymous Says:

7/20/2006 12:16 PM
Wow. I stumbled across this quite by accident. I used to work for SAUSD. I was there before the Mijares debacle and left well into it. I knew at that time I was jumping a sinking ship. SAUSD went from being a progressive innoventive school district dedicated to getting the students of Santa Ana great opportunities through education and networking with local and prestigious colleges and university to seeing the gross neglect of qualified programs, teachers and administrators in order to further the advancement of the political advancement of a underqualified and truly racist man. Good luck! I truly hope that SAUSD can become pull itself out of the mud hole that Dr. Mijares and his constituents have thrown it into. Highly unlikely however unless the parents get more active and realize that there needs to be a complete overhaul of the entire cabinet and a few board members as well.

Sad to see such a wonderful place to work and go to school turn into the one of the biggest pits that California has now started producing. I would love to see there be a change. I know what the people of Santa Ana are capable of and there is greatness there. You just have to get out from underneath the crippling effect that the politics of this man and others like him have done to your great city.

63. Anonymous Says:

7/20/2006 5:27 PM
Anyone else notice that Lewis Bratcher oversees the worst of the school sites, in relation to how many outrageous goings-on there are? Valley, Saddleback, Willard are the top three contenders. Mijares was out to our site more often than Bratcher was this year.

64. Anonymous Says:

7/20/2006 6:20 PM
Those who know the secondary educational scene concur the principals at Willard, Valley and Saddleback are very poor administrators. Each principal is plagued with his or her own personal drama that impacts their ability to effectively oversee these schools.

Teacher discontent is at an all time high at Willard, Valley and Saddleback. That’s why it’s important to clean house downtown.

65. Anonymous Says:

7/20/2006 6:57 PM
It really seems like someone doesnt like what is being told outloud here. This stuff is easily verifiable that people post. It is up to the board and the deputy superintendent to be aware that there might be very serious issues. Let them call a principal and say: give me the names of the people who attended that conference with you. And then let the inquiries begin.

The current power structure that seems so tormented right now, is used to accusing and condemning in a factless environment. That is coming to an end, hopefully. Keeping the big secrets is the only hope they have. Suggesting that no one is safe to post stories about ridiculous working conditions is just more of the same lame intimidation tactics that have been in operation. Transparency is what is needed. I think we can all agree on that.

Good luck

66. Anonymous Says:

7/20/2006 7:40 PM

July 19, 2006

Anonymity Preserved for Critics of Oklahoma School Official

Subpoena Withdrawn After EFF Intervenes

Tulsa, Oklahoma – An Oklahoma school superintendent has dropped his attempt to unmask the identities of a website operator and all registered users of an Internet message board devoted to discussion of local public schools after the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) intervened in the case.

Jerry Burd, superintendent of the Sperry, Oklahoma, school district, had sued anonymous speakers who criticized him on an online message board. As part of the case, he filed a broad subpoena seeking to identify the site’s creator and everyone who had posted or even registered on the site, violating First Amendment protections for anonymous speech and association. Working with Tulsa attorneys Greg Bledsoe and Curtis Parks, EFF filed a motion to quash the subpoena on behalf of the site’s operator and a registered user. The superintendent responded by dismissing the case on Monday.

“We’re disappointed that Mr. Burd filed this frivolous case in the first place, but we’re pleased that he finally recognized that it’s wrong to use the discovery process to try to scare his critics into silence,” said EFF Staff Attorney Corynne McSherry. “Free-ranging public debate and criticism is essential to promoting effective and responsive public schools.

“The Oklahoma case is the latest win for EFF in preserving anonymity in online speech. In recent months, EFF lawyers have represented or provided amicus support in anonymity cases in California, Colorado, and Delaware.

“The right to engage in anonymous communication is fundamental to a free society,” said Staff Attorney Matt Zimmerman. “It’s critical that judges resist attempts by anyone — public officials especially — to turn courtrooms into vehicles to harass and intimidate people out of speaking their minds. Thankfully, court after court has recognized that a plaintiff doesn’t have an automatic right to pierce anonymity just because he doesn’t like what someone has said.

“For EFF’s full motion to quash the subpoena:

67. Anonymous Says:

7/20/2006 8:26 PM
What in the world is Esther Jones doing reassigning excellent teachers to undesireable positions this week with the approval of Juan Lopez and Lewis Bratcher? Is anyone watching this woman try and disassemble the school site even more than she has? Unbelievable.

68. Anonymous Says:

7/20/2006 9:02 PM
Lopez and Bratcher are roots of a serious problem.

House-cleaning time.

69. Anonymous Says:

7/21/2006 2:09 PM
The administration situation at Saddleback high school is becoming more deplorable. Principal Esther Jones continues to remove the most competent, passionate people at that site. The recent removal of VP Sanchez just furthers this point. Jones needs to be handed her walking papers for the sake of the students and their families at Saddleback (let alone the excellent teachers at Saddleback).

“A” players will hire “A” players to be on their team; “B” players hire “B” and “C” players, and “C” players hire “C” and below players. Based on Jones’ hiring and firing practices, she’s consistently hired and kept “C” and below administrators for her staff. Looks like Jones is a “C” player at best and her behaviors and actions reflect this.

The argument that’s going around SAUSD is that there are not enough principals to replace those that should go; therefore, leaving “C” administrators in place. Why not give competent vice principals a shot at the job? How do you learn a new job in the workplace? You actually get in there and do the job. Let’s give some of the vice principals in SAUSD a shot at being principals. I’m sure they can do a much better job than Jones and some of the other terrible principals mentioned in this blog.

SAUSD Head Office and School Board: get your head out of the sand and start making decisions that are fact-based and student (customer) focused!

70. Anonymous Says:

7/21/2006 7:52 PM
In defense of Bratcher, he really is a good guy. He’s honest and Fair. He’s not the rump kisser people think he is, that’s why Russo is the acting Superintendent.

On another note, why is 70 year old man (I question his senility) principal at SAHS. Could it be he belongs to the same church and choir as Mijares?

How about all that nepotism at Valley HS. Espinosa has his brothers working under him.

Speaking of nepotism. check out the independent studies school. There’s woman supervisor who supervises her teacher husband who doesn’t make it school until 10 AM. What a job!

71. Anonymous Says:

7/21/2006 11:42 PM
I agree with 2 things the Anonymous blogger, 7/21/2006 7:52 PM said.

1. Tony Espinoza does have at least one brother working with him at Valley High School.

2. Encinias (wife) does have her husband Encinias working under her direct supervision in the SAHS Independent Studies program.

These 2 are very well known facts, I don’t think anyone in their right mind will try to justify otherwise.

SAUSD, does have a Board policy prohibiting nepotism. Why it does not apply in these 2 cases, don’t know.

I must disagree with you in your defense of Bratcher; if he is the good guy, honest and Fair person you say he is! Why has he allowed Miyashiro to continue with his employment after several sexual harassment allegations against him. One of which was recently settled for a large amount of money that could have been put to better use, like classroom materials!

72. Anonymous Says:

7/22/2006 6:43 AM
Richard Erhard is another huge piece of deadwood. Anyone go to the CAC meetings (third Thursday of each month in the downtown board room). The meetings are related to special education and it’s just a huge anger fest. Erhard doesn’t solve any of the problems that the parents or teachers bring. He does give them pizza, however.

What is that guy’s salary? He’s done nothing for special eduation and he has been notified about numerous problems but won’t act like a leader should.

73. Anonymous Says:

7/22/2006 6:47 AM

Hello, Jane! Hello Audrey! Don’t let her put out Sanchez without interviewing both Jones and Sanchez. And if you really CARE about damage assessment at Saddleback, then contact the union and pour over the grievances against Jones. Then talk to the remaining teachers who know both Jones and Sanchez and find out that the real reason she has to get rid of him is that he is her complete opposite.

He cares about fixing problems. He doesn’t encourage petty rifts among staff members. He treats the students with grace and respect. He is a decent guy who has stood in the way of Jones’ attacks on staff. He’s taken a lot of abuse and there are tons of witnesses. It’s pathetic that she will get away with sacking a VP who has given so much to Saddleback. He is a healing type person who has had to endure constant vindictive behavior by the boss.

74. Anonymous Says:

7/22/2006 8:35 AM
According to the California Ed-Code, teachers solely determinetheir students’ grade(s). In California, an administratorcannot lawfully change a student’s grade or require that ateacher do so. Several years ago in my school district, amiddle school teacher (along with the CTA) sued over thisissue and won monetary damages, including about 14 thousanddollars in plaintiff’s attorney’s fees. What is ironic aboutthis case is that the grade change (by the principal) involveda citizenship grade, not an academic grade. Needless to say,this issue has never come up again in my district.

75. Anonymous Says:

7/22/2006 11:12 AM
Non-tenured teachers should never accept a position in a SAIT (state sactioned) school. Please heed this advice, I wish I had heard it before I signed my first contract last year. Very often these schools are looking for WB’s (warm bodies) to use, abuse, and discard. I am a good teacher, but let’s face it, it was my first year and I had a lot to learn about classroom management, but do you think I was given any support? More that half my students were EL’s and 80% were bahavior problems (not mutually exclusive).I was used as a scapegoat, and in hindsight I should have never taken the position.Not only was I not offered a position for next year (too bad for you principal because I learned a lot last year and actually I’m a better teacher for it, the ole trial by fire), the principal gave me such a generic letter of recommendation that I would have to be crazy to use it. I feel that I am at a worse advantage for finding a position now than I was this time last year with no xperience.Again WARNING! Non tenured teachers – DO NOT accept a position in a sanctioned school!

76. Anonymous Says:

7/22/2006 11:50 AM
The newspaper reported Jane Russo has spent 21 of her 33 professional years at SAUSD or 64% of her academic career. Isn’t it curious that Mijares did not renew her contract when her position as an area administrator was eliminated?

Who enticed Russo to return to SAUSD and what was the carrot that convinced her to return?

After 21 years in this district, she has loyalities that may inhibit her from making the right decision for the academic advancement of the district.

In addition, she has never been a superintendent of any school district. SAUSD should not be her inaugural training turf.

Dan Salcedo at SAHS and Jeff Bishop at Willard should be included on the deadwood list. Both are awful administrators and dismal educators.

77. Anonymous Says:

7/22/2006 11:50 AM
Librarian, Valerie Glover rallied the staff at Saddleback and helped the school pass WASC this year. It was an exciting announcement and one that Mrs. Jones didn’t participate in. Both women made it clear that it was Mrs. Glover’s tireless efforts that achieved the goals. The comment was even made that Lewis Bratcher had been noticibly absent for the 8 months of hard work that the entire staff put in. Thank you, Valerie Glover, for caring about staff morale and student education goals. You were a wonderful leader and the new superintendent needs to know that the staff remained professional, focused and reaped results with your dedication and leadership. In spite of the negative environment created by site administration.

78. Anonymous Says:

7/22/2006 12:01 PM
“Isn’t it curious that Mijares did not renew her contract when her position as an area administrator was eliminated?

Who enticed Russo to return to SAUSD and what was the carrot that convinced her to return?

“It would seem that she didn’t “fit in” well with the controlling group, would be my guess. Maybe Art could contact her directly and ask if she’d let us all know her basic educational philosophy at least?

79. Anonymous Says:

7/22/2006 12:04 PM
I hear that Saddleback is making parents come in and pick up registration forms, instead of sending them out like the other schools. What’s up with that?

80. Anonymous Says:

7/23/2006 8:03 AM
In my opinion, it is not Art’s place, to reach out to Russo. The district should take on that responsibility. Sponsoring several community meetings, at various school sites, would assure parents there’s been a smooth transistion since Mijares’ departure.

Dan Salcedo at SAHS and Jeff Bishop at Willard should be included on the SAUSD deadwood list.

Art, this is an important thread. Please do not let it drop off the main page. Keep it front and center.

81. Anonymous Says:

7/23/2006 8:52 PM
To Anonymous writing on 7/22/2006 8:35 AM, Tony Espinosa changes senior grades every semester in order to get his AYP graduation numbers up. To Anonymous writing on 7/19/2006 3:32 PM, Robert Sanchez also worked at Valley High School and was transferred by Tony Espinosa because Sanchez refused to do all the unethical things Espinosa required of himTo Anonymous writing on 7/21/2006 11:42 PM, Tony Espinosa does supervise two of his brothers, Art and Manuel. SAEA has demanded Espinosa be transferred but Noji and Mijares insisted that the brothers be transferred. The situation remains a stalemate to this day. Several years ago one of the brothers was given a poor evaluation by an assistant principal. Tony destroyed the evaluation and rewrote it himself giving his brother an excellent report. Tony Espinosa has done that same trick over the years for several of his allies and spys. If Noji wants to know the truth about Espinosa she can find out by checking the documentary record. Noji, however, has told all that ask that she trusts Tony Espinosa because he is “…a loyal employee.” If competence is equated to loyalty, then it is no wonder SAUSD is in the mess it finds itself. And if you give it a little more thought, Noji’s statement is the epitome of politics and not professional administration.

82. Luis Navarro Says:

7/23/2006 10:49 PM
I was at a loss of words after reading all the threads on SAUSD and certain administrators in certain schools.

I am sure a lot of it is true.I also totally agree with what Thomas Gordon said:

“Thomas Gordon said…


If there is going to be fiction

presented as fact here, I am going to point it out.

7/23/2006 3:06 PM”

Several anonymous threads have been posted without merit, are maligned, libeled Willard’s staff, parents, students and the schools principal, Jeff Bishop.

People need to understand, when you post bunch of lies and goes as far as to fabricate outrages stories of anyone; under the cover of anonymity because you fear retaliation.I

f you file a righteous complaint, you have several state and federal laws on your side i.e. EEOC or DFEH. Lying is immoral, fabricating outrages lies is unethical!

Everyone who posts a maligned thread is no better than the non-competent administrators you are desperately trying to get rid off.

When you fabricate a maligned lie solely for self interest and you attack the schools administration; you are attacking that schools infrastructure. You are attacking everything Willard’s staff, students and parents have work so hard to accomplish over the past several years.

If anyone reading this blog doubts Willard’s accomplishments since Jeff Bishop became principal, please feel free to inquire, ask or talk to any Willard parent.

The administrators are only a small piece of a very big puzzle.

What sets a good school administrator apart from the rest?

• An administrator who basis his/her decisions in the best interests of the students!

• An administrator whose decisions are based on and the benefactors are the students!

• An administrator who does not direct, but guides staff, parents and students in the right path.

• An administrator who critiques him/her self.

• An Administrator who asks for input from the staff, parents and students.

• An administrator who expects nothing but the best from everyone; staff, students and parents.

• An administrator, who opens the school to parents, expects and encourages parents to visit the school at any given time.

Parents have the right under the law to visit, stay or even show up unannounced to their Childs school and visit the classrooms. Unfortunate, not all parents know this. We at Willard encourage this.

I’m a parent of a Santa Ana Unified student; I’m a district employee and also a resident. SAUSD needs to improve in a several areas. SAUSD has some bad apples; Jeff Bishop is not one of them!

When its time for my daughter to attend an Intermediate school; there’s only one school in mind, Willard!

I encourage all the anonymous Bloggers to come out of the shadows and reveal your Identity.

Luis Navarro

Employee, Parent

And Resident.

Everyone at Willard has one goal in mind; success of every Willard student!

83. Anonymous Says:

7/24/2006 12:12 PM
I attended Santa Ana elementary, junior and high schools my entire childhood. I can remember getting a good education only until jr. high. Once I got to high school, I don’t think any of my teachers cared whether I graduated or not. On thing I do remember is how many of them were having sexual relations with my friends! A lot of teachers and administrators knew, but didn’t do anything about it. How do I know? I was a t.a. in the counseling office.

84 Anonymous Says:

7/24/2006 3:13 PM
Mrs. Jo Rodriguez – Torres is rumored to be on the way to Valley.

She is a vice principal at McFadden.

85. Anonymous Says:

7/24/2006 3:23 PM
>>>>Luis NavarroEmployee, ParentAnd Resident.>>>

Mr. Navarro,you obviously love Willard and your child is not even there yet! Is that the school that you work at? Mrs. Weaver is nows over at MacArthur because she listened to pqrents who were upset that thedir handicaps children were being hurt by a te3acher at Willard! The teacher was being protected by Jeff Bishop and then she was moved to Saddleback school. The parents are still mad because noone made that teacher take any traning and she might still hurt the students who cannot talk! What would you do?

86. Anonymous Says:

7/24/2006 3:27 PM
To Mr. Luis Navarro. I must say Mr. Navarro you certainly have a lot of courage as an employee of SAUSD using your real name expressing a pro SAUSD opinion. that takes real guts. Three cheers Mr. Navarro. I hope one day SAUSD will allow you to express a critical opinion of SAUSD and keep you job.

87. Anonymous Says:

7/24/2006 3:33 PM
To Luis Navarro: You expressed a whole bunch of opinions about Jeff Bishop without documentary evidence. I suggest you take a ride over to the SAEA offices on Broadway and check out the documentation on Jeff Bishop. After completing that task, write another blog making references to the SAEA documentation and either refute them with facts or explain them with facts. Otherwise it’s just so much smoke being blown around.

88. Anonymous Says:

7/24/2006 4:38 PM
After reading Luis Navarro’s post I was reminded of the first SAUSD Board meeting I had attended several years ago. I was sitting in the back of the Board room watching the various dramas unfold when I noticed Tony Espinosa march in with a pack of people. Espinosa was joking and back slapping the people one by one. To my left I overheard some teachers, who I later found out were from Valley High School, talking about how Tony, on the advice of Bratcher and Mijares, was “stacking the deck” with this phony parent group. As it turns out, one of the phony parents was the Valley pervert. When it came to Espinosa’s issue, one by one each of the phony concerned parents got up and spoke, with Espinosa standing directly behind each phony parent one by one. When Espinosa’s phony parent group finished, they all left the room while Espinosa stayed behind. Watching Espinosa I saw him begin to catch the eye of several of the Valley teachers and begin to give those poor teachers the most evil and sinister and hate filled look I have ever seen on the face of a living human being. To my surprise, none of the teachers were intimidated by Espinosa’s tactics. Each Valley Teacher got up and addressed Espinosa’s issue then quietly and in a very dignified manner each teacher sat down and continued to follow the proceedings. At the break, the teachers and Espinosa left and I soon followed to see if a confrontation my ensue out in the parking lot. Nothing happened and that was the end of it. Mr. Luis Navarro, have you ever been part of a phony parent group? You know, a group of people recruited by the district pretending to be concerned about the education at their generic school and recruited for duty only during very specific Board meetings never to be seen or heard from again unless called upon by the Bratcher and Mijares to do the phony concerned parent thing again.

89. Anonymous Says:

7/24/2006 4:38 PM
Luis Navarro is mistaken on what an excellent administrator looks like. Here’s an example of an outstanding administrator that can get the job done in an ethical and positive way. That description doesn’t fit Jeff Bishop. Conflict resolution? Not on the Willard Campus.

Cleo Gordon Elementary school in Fairfield is trying to make a comeback. It’s one of 23 California schools facing state sanctions because of poor results on standardized tests.

Nearly everyone agrees that things got badly off track at Cleo Gordon. Scores at the school dropped 32 points in two years. Teacher morale plummeted, and 17 faculty members resigned. Parents were upset over both academic and disciplinary failures at the school.

Because of the falling test scores, last spring the state Department of Education stepped in to take over supervision of the school.

In May, a team of state investigators went to the school to assess the situation and chart a course for improvement. The School Assistance and Intervention Team recommended a number of changes, including a new principal, reassignment of some of the teaching staff, and the development of a new cirriculum. The state recommended that the school concentrate on English language arts, math, and improving language competency in non-native English speakers.

The SAIT set a timeline for changes, and will continue to keep tabs on Cleo Gordon. State officials will work with teachers and administrators to correct any deficiencies that are found.

Based on the team’s recommendation, a new principal be hired. Virginia Green was brought in from Stege Elementary School in the Richmond School District, where she raised test scores 114 points in six year.

Green has hired 25 new teachers and is trying to boost morale among faculty, students and parents. She has also implemented a new disciplinary program for the school that focuses on conflict resolution.

Green is intent on moving the school forward and healing the wounds created during the previous administration. “I’ve told them from the get-go, I’m here to give them what they need,” said Virginia Green. “We’re all going to get this back together because it’s so important, and we can’t fail.”

90. Anonymous Says:

7/24/2006 7:38 PM
There is a secretary at Saddleback who has not been spoken to by Principal Jones for 4 years.Is this type of unprofessional conduct typical of the district?

91. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 7:15 AM
Ill tell you about harasment from administration. I run a real estate business as well as teach and Ive been writen up for doing my real estate work while in the classroom. Thank God for cell phones cuz they won’t let incoming calls through anymore during instruction time. If it werent for my cell phone, I dont know what Id do.

92. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 8:24 AM
I would not call it harrassment, I call it good managing. You should have beeen fired!

If my child was in your classroom, I would not rest util you were taken out of the classroom.

You call yourself a “teacher”, You are, what is wrong with public education, Shame on You!

93. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 9:35 AM
I can’t lock my classroom door anymore since the new principal. But last yr I had a kid watching out. What the h.. does the kid know. We have admin on the run…keep up the blog.

94. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 9:50 AM
to Anonymous writing on 7/25/2006 8:24 AM. I think it was a student writing about a teacher and the brother of the principal, Tony Espinosa selling property from his classroom. The writer used the term “cuz” which is a student thing. But I do know of another horror story which is similar. At Valley High School there was teacher who had a business as a paralegal. She conducted alot of paralegal work from her classroom. The Principal of Valley high School, Tony Espinosa, made her Department Chair with an extra period off so she could conduct her paralegal business more effectively. Mijares and Noji were informed of Espinosa’s promotion of that paralegal/teacher to Department Chair but they ignored it. The paralegal/teacher became an effective spy and snitch for Espinosa. That paralegal/teacher is now retired.

95. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 10:57 AM
We have ways of dealing with those who turn on their own standard union 101 lesson. Let that be a warning to all you teachers who go against us – we have the support and backing of the right people – we will prevail in November – watch your back.

96. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 11:36 AM
Tell me how is it possible for Tony Espinosa to be voted Administrator of the Year when he had taken Valley High School to PI 4? The year after Espinosa was voted Administrator of the Year Valley went to PI 5. And by all accounts Valley is expected to become the worse school in Orange County and among the worse schools in the United States when it is designated a PI 6 school. If that isn’t corruption then what is?

97. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 12:51 PM
This is all very interesting reading. I’m amazed at how many teachers can’t spell,type, or even write proper grammer, but I agree with their complaints.

Classified isn’t any better. Someone mentioned the Chief of School Police and Building Services. The comment was dead on. The second sexual harrassment lawsuit should also cost the district some serious coin, as did the first. I wonder how many more lawsuits the board will take before they figure it out.

Risk management under the leadership of an 8 month experienced director, who came to our district as a former Asst. Super with no Risk management experience is showing just exactly the kind of misguilded judgement that is losing money from the district and from the kids.

It saddens me to read all these problems because what does it take to fix it? Venting here makes us all feel good but it doesn’t seem to clean up the problem. I’m caught in the mix like everyone else. I wish us all luck.

98. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 1:26 PM
You are, in simple terms what is is wrong with this district; if you can’t write or speak without threatening anyone, shut-up!

Anonymous said…

We have ways of dealing with those who turn on their own standard union 101 lesson. Let that be a warning to all you teachers who go against us – we have the support and backing of the right people – we will prevail in November – watch your back. 7/25/2006 10:57 AM

If you want people to watch their back, you should put your name to this thread. You are gut-less and have no “cajones”.

Next time you put a thread like this, put your name to it, ball-less wonder!

99. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 1:40 PM
It should be obvious that some kids have discovered this site and they are doing their thing. That explains some of the more blatant grammatical errors and poor writing clarity.

100. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 1:42 PM
This districts police chief spends his time policing “skirts” not criminals. Jim Miyachiro

Anonymous said… This is all very interesting reading. I’m amazed at how many teachers can’t spell,type, or even write proper grammer, but I agree with their complaints.

Classified isn’t any better. Someone mentioned the Chief of School Police and Building Services. The comment was dead on. The second sexual harrassment lawsuit should also cost the district some serious coin, as did the first. I wonder how many more lawsuits the board will take before they figure it out.7/25/2006 12:51 PM

If I was a parent of a kid in this district, I would be in every board meeting speaking against their “skirt” hunter until he was out of the district.

Who is in charge of oversein this guy?

What kind of reputation does the district think it will get if any or all of this pervert victims come forward? Maybe they should!

If this district allows this kind of behavior, it is time for the state to come in and clean house.What do you think?

101 Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 3:20 PM
I think the real venting will come out as soon as there are positive changes for the most obvious of problems. I don’t think many people are venting for the sake of complaining. More likely people are telling about problems so that top managers like Jane Russo has a heads up to start the big clean up.

102. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 5:59 PM
“The Principal of Valley high School, Tony Espinosa, made her Department Chair with an extra period off so she could conduct her paralegal business more effectively. Mijares and Noji were informed of Espinosa’s promotion of that paralegal/teacher to Department Chair but they ignored it. The paralegal/teacher became an effective spy and snitch for Espinosa.

“That is exactly what Jones is doing with the department head of special education at Saddleback! Both are disasters!

103. Anonymous Says:

7/25/2006 8:45 PM
Whats up with miyashiro?

Does the city police know what kind of chief he is?I would be hiding under a rock, if I was him.

What about jones?

Is she the one that told teachers to change their grades>?

104. Anonymous Says:

7/26/2006 8:14 AM
This strand is written by a few disgruntled individuals both inside and outside SAUSD who have personal agendas and does not adequately represent the whole. This strand is disingenuous if it believes it represents all teachers.

Many teachers and administrators remained focused on why they are employed at SAUSD – namely educating the children and don’t have the time nor the inclination to spend countless hours bashing the administration. The majority are seeking solutions to the diverse problems that face an urban school district.

The few anonymous authors have told the truth in some cases, and in other have expressed prevarications for sport. Are there “bad apples” in both the teachers and administrators “bins?” Yes.

Years of distrust exist from both sides, however at some point, we must come to the table to resolve the problems and take baby-steps toward one another. It is much easier to blame others and continually rehash the past rather than see what is it “I” can do to help SAUSD move forward? By moving SAUSD forward, the teachers also move forward. But more importantly the students move forward and after all, isn’t that why you’re part of SAUSD?

Not until all egos and personal agendas are laid at the door will meaningful dialog occur. This site is not the place for meaningful dialog to begin – it should take place between the top levels of SAEA and SAUSD.

SAEA has a new president – SAUSD has a new interim superintendent – what a better time to start anew!

105. Anonymous Says:

7/26/2006 10:40 AM
Bravo poster 7/26/2006 8:14 AM. If you had bothered to read the postings in their entirety and took note of the patterns that have emerged, you will see that the vast majority of the criticisms have been leveled at a few really,really bad apples in the district administration. Are there bad apple teachers? Sure. The impact of those few bad apple teachers is significant but the damage inflicted by bad apple administrators can be catastrophic to students, teachers, parents, and the entire school district. The names of bad apple administrators that have emerged over and over again are Bishop, Bratcher, Espinosa, and Jones. Bad people in leadership positions are far worse then bad followers in subordinate positions . What we need is not “baby steps” but bold initiatives, the kind of initiatives that Mijares took after the recall of Nativo Lopez. And we all know what Dr. Al did to Nativo’s people.

106. Anonymous Says:

7/26/2006 1:17 PM
Your response which, as written and read, appears filled with sarcasm and its condescending overtones are both noted and welcomed. That we are communicating civilly is half of it.

Many administrators could have come on this blog anonymously and “trashed” teachers without backup or supporting documents as is being done here against them, merely in an effort to even out the score. I am intrigued that this hasn’t happened. Could it be they have a more stable moral compass than the anonymous bloggers who are espousing fiction as fact in some cases?

Bad teachers affect more than the number of children in their class, they affect the outcome of those children’s lives which impacts the entire immediate and future families, hence the entire community.

Why are SAUSD children so far below everyone else? Is it bad administration or bad teachers? Or is it a combination of the two? Are you willing to agree that there are more bad teachers by virtue of the fact they outnumber administration?

What impact does a teacher have when they throw parents out of a classroom by calling security stating they [the parents] are not wanted on campus?

What impact does a teacher have when they tell young Latina students that educating them is useless as they will become pregnant before leaving high school?

What impact does a teacher have when they read newspapers in class or do outside work such as real estate of paralegal work? What impact does showing cartoons or movies in class have?

You believe “What we need is not ‘baby steps’ but bold initiatives, the kind of initiatives that Mijares took after the recall of Nativo Lopez. . And we all know what Dr. Al did to Nativo’s people.”

Is tit for tat the only solution? An eye are an eye merely makes us both blind.

We are not talking about the same “bold initiatives” required to dig out SAUSD from its current situation. Any bold initiatives to improve schools are generally met with distrust and fear from the few vocal teachers who impact their individual school sites. Those teachers would rather see a full state-wide takeover rather than proactively seek change or admit they, themselves, have played a role in the demise of SAUSD. This myopic view sees victory at all costs without factoring in that such a victory could mean the loss of their jobs. Once a state takeover is in effect, all contracts are null and void.

Healing is needed from all perspectives, baby steps toward building a solid relationship where student learning is first and foremost; where parents are welcomed on campus come second. If those two parameters are jointly agreed upon, all else will seamlessly fall into place because the focus will not be on me and you but where it belongs – on those we are hired to serve – the children and their parents.

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