Rudy and the Last Round-up!

Rudy’s gamble to target Florida to the exclusion of all others
may now seem a “fool’s choice”! Hindsight is always 20-20….
but in his concession speech…the sound of third place victory
was hardly in the name of the redeemer! It is a sad, sad day
for the Republican Party! 15% for Rudy, 13% for Huckabee!

Of course, we are those partisans with our candidate of choice.
The sound of a McCain Victory in Florida with Romney running in
the second spot..offers little hope to Conservative Republicans
throughout the United States. Without Rudy…Conservatives
have no candidate! McCain is a screaming liberal. Romney will
change suits and policies depending on who he talked to that day.
Huckabee is still a “stealth friend of Bill Clinton”. He refuses
to answer how well he knows the Clintons! Ron Paul…could be
SpiderMan and you couldn’t tell the difference.

That leaves us Barak Obama………and Hillary! Sort of reminds
us of the old days of the American Independent Party, the United
We Stand Perotistas…….and AIP Candidate – Bo Greitz!

At any rate, congratulations to the Clinton’s on their re-election.
We can’t stand the thought of having to hit the mute button for
the next eight years! This could be the most sickening time in
American History. “The Screeching Owl”…..oh my goodness..she’s
back on TV….. again!!

We can’t wait for Cook County in Illinois to come in……..and
it will be another JFK moment, by counting the dead people twice!
Too bad Obama….can’t pull out a miracle in his own behalf.
“Do you believe in miracles?” Face it, we knew when Ted Kennedy
endorsed him…….it was the “end times”!

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