Republican blogger takes a whack at Ken Maddox

Failed GOP politician Ken Maddox is taking a whipping ever since he blurted that he wanted to run for O.C. Sheriff. Today he got busted over the head over at Red County, L.A., by Kevin Korenthal. Here is Kevin’s post:

What’s the point of having a voice on one of the most influential conservative political blogs in California if you don’t take a shot across County lines from time to time?

On second thought, don’t answer that.

Anyway, I just wanted to talk to my Republican friends in Orange County to warn them about an impending threat that strikes to the very core of OC Central Committee politics. I’m speaking of course about the resurgence of wanna-be Republican Ken Maddox.

Mr. Maddox, who purports to be a Republican is seeking the elected office of Sheriff of Orange County. I’ll save the criticisms of Mr. Maddox for which I have no direct knowledge for those that I know will come forth and concentrate on one specific intransigence that I know Ken Maddox has committed.

Ken Maddox LOVES Big Labor. Mr. Maddox is closer to the union bosses then bed bugs are to their prey. And that pretty much sums up the type of relationship the 2 of them share.

Case in point: Ken Maddox (a Republican remember) turned his back on the core principle of Republicanism by backing a union-only Project Labor Agreement (.pdf) on the El Toro Airport expansion. By making this pronouncement, Mr. Maddox indicated that he prefers that construction jobs in Orange County go to multi-national, Big Labor Union construction companies as opposed to the smaller, minority and women owned construction contractors that make up something like 80% of the construction industry. Furthermore, Mr Maddox has signed onto the Socialist agenda by agreeing that all laborers that, for whatever reason, have decided not to join the union must pay dues to the union and must join the union benefits trust even if their employers is already providing them with medical and retirement benefits.

Ken Maddox has bragged in speeches (.pdf) that he is pro-union. Ken Maddox supports Van Tran in his bid for a “do-over” against the wonderfully conservative AND pro-Merit Shop County Supervisor Janet Nguyen. As my colleague Matt Cunningham points out, Ms. Nguyen is currently drawing fire from some Republicans on the OC Central Committee. Many, but not Matt Cunningham, believe this shrapnel is coming from Van Tran influences. In short, some Republicans in Orange County are very displeased that one Republican fairly beat another Republican in a free and open election for the County seat. Thusly they are looking to, by any means available, to undo that terrible injustice. As a result, Some members of the Central Committee are having a difficult time deciding if it will endorse the REPUBLICAN INCUMBENT for the seat!

To some enterprising Van Tran fans, the funding and promotion of Ken Maddox might possibly be yet another maneuver on the road to getting rid of Janet Nguyen.

In some perverse way, I am a bit jealous of all the brouhaha going on in the OC. We have nothing quite as fascinating going on here in LA. But even though all this makes for interesting political theater, it is wholly unhealthy for one of the most influential Republican Central Committees in the state to allow itself to be fractured by Republicans that reject the very core principles of what this party was not only founded on but was rejuvenated by under the leadership of Ronald Reagan.

I look forward to your comments and criticisms

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