Pulido and company will likely bring Measure D back in June

Santa Ana residents and community leaders are wondering why the Measure D campaign, which is supported by Councilman Sal Tinajero and Mayor Miguel Pulido and is based in Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez’ home, has raised so much money and not spent a dime of it. I think I know the answer.

The fact is, Measure D can lose next week, but that won’t be the end of it. Pulido, Tinajero and Alvarez will no doubt bring it back again in the June election. They might tweak it and call it something else, but it will have the same goal in mind – to fool the people of Santa Ana into raising Council term limits.

I think that Pulido and company are so arrogant that they did not think any opposition would arise to Measure D. Clearly, they were wrong. Not only has this issue united the people of Santa Ana in opposition to the Council cabal, it may well have created a powerful force for change. It was one thing when I and a few friends here at the Orange Juice would complain about Pulido and company. But now you have the L.A. Times and the Register slamming them too. And now you have a broad coalition of neighbors, businesspeople and other community leaders that is organized and vocal. Just drive around town and count the “No on D” signs.

So Pulido and his buddies can bring this awful measure back in June. But we’ll rise up and beat it again. And then we will stand and unite against Pulido and his council hacks in November. Or at least I hope we all will. There are some who still admire Pulido. But he is losing fans on a daily basis. People in this city are thirsty for change. And like it or not, change is coming.

One more thing – if Claudia Alvarez runs for Supervisor, don’t be surprised if she becomes the spokesperson for the “Son of Measure D” campaign. That will be free advertising for her. But it won’t help. How many times can we reject her before she finally figures out that we don’t want her representing us?

So save those “No on D” signs. We will likely need them again in a few months. We will just have to tape a new letter over the “D.” Vote No on Measure D!

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