O.C. Young Democrats and O.C. Young Republicans agree – No on Prop. 93 & Measure D!

Steven Greenhut, over at the Orange Punch blog, posted a news release that is rather astounding. We covered this back in December, but now it is official. The Orange County Young Democrats and the Orange County Young Republicans have jointly announced their opposition to both Prop. 93 and Santa Ana’s bogus Measure D!

Here is their release:

The Orange County Young Democrats and The Orange County Young Republicans have voted to endorse NO on Santa Ana Measure D and Proposition 93. This is the first time in the history of the two organizations that they have ever made the same endorsement on an issue let alone two.

Measure D will appear on the February ballot in Santa Ana. Currently Santa Ana city council members can serve up to two four year terms on the city council. Measure D would extend the term limits to three four year terms. Measure D would overturn the term limits that Santa Ana residents approved last year when they approved Measure BB.

Prop 93 is a special loophole that benefits incumbent politicians by extending their political careers while limiting future legislators time in office. Proponents of 93 say that this measure will shorten the amount of time in office legislators will have. What 93

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