Norby supporting Prop. 93 and Measure D?

O.C. Supervisor Chris Norby wrote a weird letter in the O.C. Register wherein he essentially said he was backing Prop. 93 and Santa Ana’s Measure D. He argues that if legislators are in office longer, they will be less likely to be self-serving. He is very wrong about that. I am shocked that he would take such a strange position. Here is his letter, followed by my comments:

Term-limit reform will improve political system

The Register’s ardent defense of strict term limits in the editorial, “Proposition 93: self-serving” [Jan. 13], is surprising, given its normal defense of personal freedom. Current term limits restrict choices for voters and block ballot access for experienced officeholders. A revolving door of politicians are now more obsessed with raising funds for their next office rather than gaining expertise in the one they hold.

State Prop. 93 and Santa Ana Measure D will reform term limits by allowing a total of 12 years in either body. Without such an extension, bureaucrats become more powerful, knowing that politicians will never have enough experience or knowledge to effect any changes in government.

Your editorial personalized term limits by attacking legislative leaders Don Perata and Fabian Nu

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