None of the GOP presidential candidates appear to be worthy of support

Rush Limbaugh, perhaps the most famous conservative talk radio host, recently told his audience that “I can see possibly not supporting a Republican nominee,” according to the L.A. Times. I understand what he means!

I don’t like any of the GOP nominees. The problem with some of them, besides their overall weakness, is that they have surrounded themselves with people of ill-repute. That means we can expect them to appoint these very same people if they become our next U.S. President.

For example, John McCain is the choice of the acolytes of Assemblyman Van Tran – I like to call them the “Trannies.” And Mitt Romney is the choice of the Mike Schroeder machine, which is based in Orange County. Likewise, Rudy Giuliani is favored by the Curt Pringle machine.

So if Giuliani wins, we will see Pringle hacks like Matt/Jubal Cunningham and Jeff Flint appointed to powerful federal posts. And if Romney wins we will see much of the same, but with the addition of Schroeder and his wife, which is not good. And if McCain wins, then we will see Truong “Tomahawk” Diep, Trung “BK” Nguyen, Tan “I did not write that letter” Nguyen and Van Tran himself appointed to a whole slew of federal positions. Imagine the damage Van Tran could do in the U.S. Department of Justice, especially considering that his own wife was indicted? He would be issuing “get out of jail” cards to all his crooked cabal!

No thanks! At this point, I intend to vote for Barack Obama, if he is the Democratic nominee for President, over any of these Republicans. However, if Hillary Clinton is the nominee, then I will back a third party candidate. I don’t see how anyone with a conscience could support her or any of these ridiculous Republican candidates. Not with what we now know about the lot of them.

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