Mission Viejo’s Tournament of Roses 2009 float

This past year the Mission Viejo city council was looking for new ways to spend taxpayer money so they came up with a great idea. Let’s spend $300,000 on a float to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a city. Mission Viejo became an Orange County City on March 31,1988. While we are not a destination, lack a professional sports franchise or theme park or contain beach front property we are after all the safest city in America.

Let’s be proactive and see if we can help our city staff and the float design contractor with some potential design ideas. After all they failed to include us in their recent decision to change our city logo and probably will not take a survey to get ideas for this expenditure from those residents who have lived here for over a quarter century.

Having recently spent approximately $395,000 on a custom toilet in Melinda Park why not design a float using natural materials whose focus will be a toilet decorated with local flowers. Lining each side will be overhead power lines to assist in getting on an off the toilet. The only unanswered question is which of our council members will sit on the award winning throne.

Juice readers. Although you may not reside in our town we are looking for some other suggestions that you might wish to share with our city staff. After all several of the participants in our recent brand change were not local residents.

Simply send your ideas in the form of reader comments and I promise to “float” them by the Mission Viejo decision makers.

PS: 2007 Mayor Gail Reavis was the only council member to vote no on this $300,000 proposed expenditure.

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