Janet wins again!

What a month it has been for Supervisor Janet Nguyen. First former State Senator Joe Dunn decided not to take her on, clearing the path for an easy reelection, then today the California Court of Appeals punked Trung Nguyen by ruling that she DID beat him. And by three votes no less.

The OC Weekly goofed and published a cover story about her BEFORE the ruling came down. How dumb is that? They could have waited. But then they could have called some of her friends instead of interviewing only her enemies.

For one thing, they totally blew the reason why she fell out with Van Tran and his Trannies. She did not want to play along with their corrupt shakedowns of Vietnamese businessmen. And Tran kept trying to force her to spend campaign money on his followers. Janet ought to be applauded for running away from these corrupt bastards.

Paul Lucas got in his dig because Janet opposed his pal Dina Nguyen for Council. Of course she did. Why would Janet support ANY of the Trannies? I sure don’t blame her. But Lucas is bitter because Janet did not appoint him to a seat on the County Parks Commission. That is no reason to rip her! As I have said before, commission appointments barely matter. Folks shouldn’t sell their souls to get onto commissions. It just isn’t worth it.

And of course Ken Maddox ripped her. What a dork he is. I remember how thrilled I was when I helped John Campbell beat him for a State Senate seat. Maddox earned my wrath when he backed the O.C. PLA. That was about as stupid a thing for a Republican to do as I have ever seen. Ironically, that PLA also cost former Supervisor Cynthia Coad her career, as she too backed it. I helped Chris Norby beat her too.

Janet worked for both Maddox and Coad – but today she is a fervent opponent of PLAs. That is one of the reasons I warmed to her as a Supervisorial candidate. There is also an utter lack of pretension in Janet’s character. I have never known her to be egotistical or maniacally ambitious. She likes being in politics and likes serving the public. Unlike the Trannies, and Maddox, she has never been interested in politics to enrich herself. She just doesn’t roll that way.

The OC Weekly hatchet piece backfired though. Janet now has no Democratic opponent, and the court business is over. As for Trung? There is news coming down about him that is going to utterly destroy him as a candidate, now and forever. Keep your eyes open for that news. I cannot report it just now, but rest assured. He is DONE.

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