If Prop. 93 loses, CA GOP will lose even more power…

I had a long phone call with a friend today. He noticed that State Senator Dick Ackerman is not publicly opposing Prop. 93. Why is that? Turns out that if 93 loses, the Democrats will likely seize a legislative majority that will allow them to pass future state budgets with NO input from the Republican legislators. Oops! No wonder Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is backing 93.

But if 93 loses, we will see 42 legislators get termed out. We can get rid of Don Perata and Fabian Nunez! Now that sounds like a good plan to me. So on Feb. 5 let’s vote the bums out!

As for the GOP, the fact is they need to realize that being social extremists has put them in the minority position they are in. I don’t think they will learn that until they lose more seats, so good riddance.

Vote no on Prop. 93

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