If it had to happen….then we want Bob!

Remember Brad Gates? Brad Gates…the ex-Sheriff? You know, the
guy everyone blasted for a variety of conduct? What ever happened
to Brad Gates? Oh, he is still around…in fact, he looks great
and even attended the takeover of the Newport PD last year by new
Chief John Klein. Chief Klein had taken over for retiring Chief Bob
McDonell. We asked retired Sheriff Gates….about what he was up
to…and he briefly mentioned that he was “busier than ever”!

Seeing Sheriff Mike retire….is a sad commentary. Sort of reminds
us of the refs calls against the Chargers when they played Indy. A
real bunch of “iffy political trash”! Pass interference by 42? Oh,
please! The Colts had the inside track..they had all the Peyton
Manning Commercials….with several more planned….until the Colts’
unlikely demise! It just breaks our heart…to see a guy that did
what a Sheriff is supposed to do: “Represent our County!” and then
find the “pilers on” when he gets caught with unpolished dress shoes.
We are wishing Sheriff Mike every prayer…that he can beat back those
ticky-tack, maybe made up charges…and clear his name! Sheriff Mike
was always great to us…..and all we have to say is: Thanks, sir!

OK, now what? Now that the Board of Supervisors are jumping up and
down to pick a replacement, dancing on Sheriff Mike’s grave….it will
be interesting to see which sycophant they choose as a replacement!
They are already setting up their Oversight Citizens Committee to look
over anything any Sheriff might do in the future, regarding their jail
and prison operations…and….and…well, who knows what “snipe hunt”
they might want to use that group for….in the future. Then how about
other things any new Sheriff might need to report to the Board of
Supervisors to do? It will all be very interesting to watch.

So, what candidates? When Sheriff Mike ran the first time, back in
2000…we supported Paul Walters! He was an honorable candidate and
kept the negative campaigning to a minimum. What put Sheriff Mike
into office was his pro 2nd Amendment position. The NRA big money
came in and even we were forced to vote for Sheriff Mike, being that
his position or the “Right to Carry” provided many non-criminal citizens
with the opportunity to apply for a license to carry. What happened was
that Sheriff Mike, after he was elected…did give a few Licenses but
he set the requirements high. He didn’t just arbitrarily hand out Gun
Licenses to everyone – he followed the law; with those that did get those
licenses..having a clear and compelling reason to do so! Let’s hope that
whoever is chosen to replace Sheriff Mike…will continue that process.

Bill Hunt, Doug Storm and Ralph Martin all ran against Sheriff Mike and
assailed his character in one way or the other, along the way. They may
have laundry themselves. Hopefully, the Board of Supervisors will go the
extra miles required to vet the record and life of whoever is chosen as
a replacement. Anyone chosen better be squeaky clean….top to bottom!

So who should it be? The probable responsible choice would be Asstistant
Sheriff Jack Anderson. The typical promote from within philosophy is
always a good method…if that can be done without too many obvious
political implications. Our choice however is Mr. Squeaky Clean and
someone that has more political savvy and bright intelligence than most
will ever have: Bob McDonell is a great hero. He made his chops with
incredible hard work, intelligence and wisdom. Chief Bob is a gentleman
and an example to both officers, patrol persons, staff and the citizenry.
If Chief Bob…were to take this position…the County of Orange would
be graced with the most incredible lotto win in its history!

So…to Sheriff Mike….let us be…perhaps..the only ones….but let
us be grateful for your service. Let us be grateful for the many great
things you did do. Let us remain broken hearted that those around you,
let you down, disappointed you and the people. Our prayers are with you
and your family, now and in the future. Politics is a nasty business..
and we are very sad that your political enemies are presently making hay!
Bad things do happen to good people…..too! Yes, we understand that!
Next time however…..make sure your political allies are wearing their
clean shorts – before they go to the dance!

In the meantime, “What about Bob?”

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