Health care is more than a politician’s "sound bite"

Good afternoon Juice drinkers.

It seems that during recent elections one of more candidates will mention the need to address “health care” with sound bites and slogans. This cry has been expressed by high profile members of both major political parties starting with governor Schwarzenegger in CA to Senator Hillary Clinton inside the beltway.

Actually, looking for a longer healthier lifespan is not a new topic. Almost 500 years ago, in 1513, Spanish Conquistador Ponce de Leon landed in St. Augustine, FL searching for the “fountain of youth.” A few years later I drank from that same natural spring that he discovered. Some think it might have actually extended my life span. In fact one of the leading scientists whom we interviewed in the Cutting Edge program referenced below questioned my age. Who knows.

Let me tell you about a few individuals that work in this medical arena whose names you most likely will never read about on a local blog or see on a network TV show.

Cutting Edge-a talk show producers Ron and Anna Winship and myself recently peeled the onion back to find out what research is ongoing in this huge field.

On January 7th Ron and I attended the first annual GTC Conference that was held at the Hilton San Diego/Harbor Island Hotel where the academia and industry leaders in the search for a health care “magic bullet” convened to share their research with their peers. This two day conference included presentations by over two dozen experts whose laboratory research covers some “household terms” such as telomerase-medicated therapy, SIRT1 activators, Drosophila genetics to caloric restriction (CR.)

Larry, your losing us. Not really. Interviews in this initial program minimize most of the technical terms so that you and I can get a better feel for the ongoing research and provide a peek into the ongoing medical research activities that eventually will lead to a better “quality of life.”

The title of our 34 minute “cost and commercial free” program, “Aged to Perfection,” can be viewed on our home page at with free access 24/7.

GTC is their acronym for the conference representing “growth, transformation and connection” in seeking new applications in “aging research.”After his Conference welcoming presentation, entitled “From Tiny Methuselah’s to Healthy Patients,” Professor Michael Rose, School of Biological Sciences, University of California, Irvine sat down with us to open our program. Dr. Rose told us that he has devoted 34 years of his life in laboratory research. In our interview he stated that “we are trying to find a way to bridge the gap between university research on aging and the development of effective therapy.” He is the author of research related books including “Adaptation, The Long Tomorrow, and Genetics & Evolution of Aging.”

The program closes with candid comments by Michael West, Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer, Advanced Cell Technology Inc., on a variety of ailments as it relates to snake oil salesmen and the future of age therapies.

Cutting Edge has released Part One in our series on the study of aging in society and the search for therapies to abate the aging process.

Stay tuned. This is just the opening round in our pursuit of scientific answers to distinguish fact from fiction where everyone wants to live longer and healthier lives.

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