Getting the Trash off the Board!

Iowa is over…here comes New Hampshire and
Superduper Tuesday, February 5th, 2008. The tale of the tape
…is at hand….all the posturing, rhetoric speakeasy talk,
the pronouncements and promises, the wit and wisdom…have
all worn very thin. How many worthless “debates” for both
sides have they had? Well, the Iowa Primary brought surprise!

Here comes Obama, the great Black hope – John Edwards, the great
Attorney of Record – Hillary and Bill…..the great prevaricators
of gloom and doom! One, two and three Dems…in that order!

Here comes a Huckabee, the great flash in the pan – Mitt Romney,
the great money man with plastic fantastic manners – John McCain,
the great come-back kid of the year 2000 – Fred Thompson, the
great Law & Order candidate (on TV) – Ron Paul, the great great
curmudgeon of historical dust and doom – and, and, and….Rudy
Giuliani, the number one Yankee fan in America; the guy that stood
in the middle of the dust of 911 and waved his hand with wisdom.
But can the Yankees ever win the World Series ever again?

OK, there is still much to decide in just a very few days. Who
will win in New Hampshire? Who cares? The truth of the matter
is that Florida, Illinois, New York, California and Pennsylvania
mean a heck of allot more. Will a win by John Edwards in South
Carolina really mean anything? Will a loss by John Edwards in
South Carolina stick a fork in him? No, even Al Gore lost his
home state of Tennessee! Will it matter if McCain wins in New
Hampshire – certainly not! Will a loss by Romney in Michigan spell
doom for him? Maybe! The chances are that Romney will not run
out of money…but will run out of supporters! A Governor from
Massachusetts….is demographically not popular..unless they have
Ted Kennedy as their campaign chairman!

There is very great news however; All the marginal candidates
have been eliminated after the first flush. Joe Biden – gone!
Chris Dodd – gone! Tom Tancredo – gone! Dennis Kucinich – all
but gone! Duncan Hunter (who we love!) – gone! We are now down
to the top four in the Democrat camp: Clinton, Edwards, Obama and
Richardson! (Wasn’t it great to see the first black Presidential
candidate win a Primary state? Especially, when it wasn’t Jesse
Jackson or Al Sharpton!) Then we have the so-called first tier
Republicans: Romney, McCain, Huckabee, Thompson, Paul and Giuliani!
As a conservative Republican it’s pretty sad that we can only vote
for the Mayor from New York…in that group!

So, lets take a bet: Who will be the front-runner
of both parties after Superduper Tuesday? We will take Obama and
Giuliani…what is your guess?

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