Does Mission Viejo’s vice mayor Frank Ury have a WiFi conflict of interest?

While I have no issue with anyone earning an honest living to support their family, I just found out that Mission Viejo vice mayor Frank Ury could in fact have a conflict of interest that may not have been shared with the residents of Mission Viejo. The key question relates to timing. He aggressively promoted our addition of WiFi technology in MV beginning in our city hall chambers. At that time I do not recall his ever revealing that his is the contact person for Viejo Technology Group whose web site lists him as the sole contact. According to their web site Viejo Technology Group consults on WiFi deployments. The following text is taken directly from their web site.

If he was involved in the Viejo Technology Group he should have recused himself from any WiFi discussions held in Mission Viejo. That did not happen. The city council, city manager and city attorney will each receive copies of this post for their feedback and comments.
I do recall his involvement with the County and perhaps being assisted by Orange County Business Council’s Lucy Dunn in promoting WiFi at the County level.


“Viejo Technology Group
Technical consulting with an eye on today…
and a vision for tomorrow
The Viejo Technology Group specializes in advising and representing local business and governments (municipalities, county, special districts) in all aspects of strategic technology deployment.
Areas of focus include municipal and regional WiFi deployments, WiMAX, eCommunities, employee productivity, enterprise, and the creation of technology plans that reduce obsolescence including:
Strategic goal setting
Evaluating strategic considerations
Creating the strategic plan
Municipal use
Cost savings, city productivity gain
Emergency operations, police, fire, ambulance
Mobile workforce
Defining the business and municipal case
Working with business groups, messaging, partnerships
Business cost savings
Seamless use
Constituent messaging
Consensus building
Evaluating proposals
ISP negotiations
Equipment evaluation and recommendation
Costs, business models
Deployments (pilot, scaling)
· Technology
WiFi and protocols
Operating models
Ubiquitous usage
Seamless operation
Easement uses (light standards, utilities discussions, etc)
RF Propagation analysis
Enterprise technology
Government regulations
Tracking State and Federal Legislation”

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