Developer has given over $132,000 to Claudia Alvarez’ campaigns!

Gustavo Arellano, over at the OC Weekly’s Navel Gazing Blog, has whipped out his official OC Weekly calculator and discovered that developer Robert Bisno has given even more money to Santa Ana Council Member Claudia Alvarez and to the Yes on Measure D campaign than we previously thought. Here is what he came up with:

We must apologize for two huge errors we made in our recent post regarding developer Robert Bisno’s campaign contribution love affair with SanTana councilmember Claudia Alvarez. We had reported that Bisno and his friends contributed $36,300 to her failed 2006 Assembly race, but we were grossly off. The real figure is $42,900–just Google Bisno with the names Transaction, EMG Properties, Hammerstein, and Andrew Tapper and mix ‘n’ match on this website. And Bisno didn’t donate $20,000 to SanTana’s Measure D, which would allow Alvarez to run for a third term–as Orange Juice! reported yesterday, the figure is actually $40,000. So the total Bisno has raised for Alvarez in the past two elections affecting her isn’t $106,300; it’s $132,900. Our sincerest apologies to Bisno and Alvarez for the error.

If you are wondering who Robert Bisno is, he is the rich developer who built the City Place development on north Main St., across from the MainPlace Mall. The City Place is a combination of stores and lofts, and condos. It is dying on the vine! No one wants to pay over $700,000 for a small condo in Santa Ana, where the car traffic on Main St. never abates.

Bisno also wants to build a thirty story tower near the City Place – which no one in the affected Park Santiago neighborhood wants.

One more thing to consider. Not one Santa Ana resident has contributed to the Yes on D campaign. Not a single one. Think about that. They have raised over $50,000 from lawyers, developers and the firemen’s union. And they have raised ZERO dollars from concerned Santa Ana residents, businesspeople, etc.

Contrast that with the truly grassroots No on Measure D campaign. We have received checks from many Santa Ana residents – people involved in our community, and from men and women who own businesses in our city. We also have apparently received a late contribution from “People for Loretta 2010.” Thank you to all the neighbors, business owners, and Congresswoman Sanchez’ campaign for standing up for what is right. Vote No on Measure D!

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