Clinton and McCain prevail in Florida

Senator John McCain prevailed in the Florida primary, with Mitt Romney right behind him. That means Rudy Giulani and Mike Huckabee are done.

I am happy to see McCain win over Romney. I am still quite leery of McCain, but there is no way I could ever support Romney. With Mike Schroeder running Romney’s campaign in California, it is clear that he is the GOP machine candidate…so go McCain!

Too bad about Giuliani, but he really screwed up by not trying to win in New Hampshire, Michigan and Nevada. He could have done well in those states, in my opinion, and now he is done.

I had a feeling this was going to happen to Giuliani. I advised my wife, who his still a Republican, to vote for McCain when she participated in early voting this week. Our former blogger, Ryan Trabuco, wasted his vote on Giuliani, by his own admission. It is likely Giuliani will have dropped out well before Super Tuesday.

CNN is reporting that Giuliani will endorse McCain. That should help McCain quite a bit going into Super Tuesday.

Over in the blue side of the aisle, Hillary Clinton won over Barack Obama, by fifty percent versus thirty three percent, and John Edwards showed us once more that he is done, at fourteen percent. It is just getting embarrasing for Edwards!

If Hillary prevails and becomes the Democratic nominee…and McCain wins over Romney, there is no doubt that McCain will trounce Hillary. But if Romney wins the GOP nomination, Hillary will be very lucky as he would be the perfect foil for her. I think she would defeat him easily.

As for Barack Obama, I think he could win over McCain or Romney. But first he has to beat Hillary. I hope for all our sakes that he does.

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