City of Santa Ana trying to change the date of a scheduled meeting with business owners

I just received an important update from Santa Ana businessman Mike Tardiff. Apparenty the City of Santa Ana is considering changing the date of the already scheduled meeting of City staff and concerned industrial property and business owners.

The letters have already gone out with the originally scheduled meeting date of Monday Feb. 4th at 3:00 at City Hall.

The City set the original date and time and now they want to change it. Tardiff thinks that it is important to keep the originally announced and scheduled date and time – it would cause confusion to change the meeting. I agree. This meeting is very important given that it is a rare opportunity to direct questions about the onerous Renaissance Plan to the city planners.
Lucy Linnaus of the City Planning Dept. is taking a phone poll to determine if those concerned would change the date. Please save Lucy a little time and call her direct line and let her know how you feel about this proposed meeting change.

Lucy Linnaus direct line: (714) 667-2745

You can call Mike Tardif at (714) 547-7135 and his fellow Santa Ana businessman Bob Adams, who is also involved with this meeting, at (714) 543-4227.

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