Broke? Better get Insurance next time!

How do the falling Stock Markets around the world affect us?

Perhaps, it’s just a momentary disruption…to our usual days of
watching the sun go up and down each day. Perhaps, it doesn’t mean
a thing! Perhaps, it’s just “paper loses”…that won’t affect
anyone you know!

The revelation that we have experienced a housing crash….is a hard
nut to swallow. “Whaddya mean, my property is worth a third of what
it was last year?” … comes to mind. “Whaddya mean, all our expenses
are going up in a down market?” … comes to mind – as well. “Whaddya
mean, our Pension and Retirement monies are gone?”….comes to mind
in double digits – with a single digit response!

The truth comes out eventually – they say. The biggest fraud related
Hedge funds are right here in the good old USA. In fact, they say
that 98% of fraudulent Hedge Funds are based here – as well. Today,
a London based company called Protean has stepped forward to fill
the void and offer “Cowboy Hedge Fund Insurance”. Just in case..your
Hedge Fund is a rip-off….Protean will insure your investment. Their
are a few “catches” however. You have to spend cash to have Protean
fulfill the “due diligence” required to check into your SIV…and
the folks attached to it. Their are exceptions too…like act of
God issues and the like. Protean is just doing what Lloyd’s of
London and the others have done for 300 years. Put salve on your
“bleeding, sucking puncture wound”! They don’t pay much, probably
…..but they make you feel better that you have done something!

The wheels seem to be coming off the Hedge Fund and Derivative
Markets finally. Is it all starting to sound repetitive? Remember
the Savings and Loan Crisis? What was that about again? How about
Enron…what was that about again? Now it’s SIV’s, Hedge Funds and
Derivatives! Will anyone learn anything from this debacle? Probably
not…a few bigwigs will lose their jobs and be moved like NFL
coaches to another franchise….and the little guys will lose their
homes, Pensions and Retirement Income…as well as other articles
of clothing!

So, what can we expect? Well for one…Gas and Energy prices are
going to go through the roof. Why, you say? Because, Government
can’t get money anyway else! As the energy and gas prices rise
….so does the tax…and the tax is the mothers milk of politics
…as we all know! Why would any “self aggrandizing politician”
want or have the desire to lower those prices and lose money for
the other State or Federal boys and girls? We know too that any
and all new Regulations are going to include higher fees and varied
assessments. We know as well, that unless we fight tooth and nail
against every new tax, fee or government edit….we will be poorer
…no matter who gets elected in November!

As the European and Asian Markets tank….it will be more difficult
to raise our sinking ship of state. Hopefully, the Stimulus package
will get those checks into the hands of us spendthrifts…right
away! It took just two weeks to find out that California unemployment
has risen to 6.1%….after the current rash of bad news. What might
it be before we get our Fed Bail-Out checks in the mail? Everyone,
hold your breath and don’t breathe for about six months….maybe
this toxic waste – will all be just a memory.

So far however, we may be looking at 2011-2012…(another election!)
before our Red Sea of deflationary debt starts to part! One thing is
for sure…Investments banks are going to continue borrowing on their
borrowed money! Selling their write-off debt to bad people! Taking
illicit cash from unsavory sources! Wishing and hoping no one will
catch them in the process! Good luck you Mercedes and BMW drivers
everywhere! We will be pulling for ya!

In the meantime: Where is our check?

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