Board of Supervisors likely to reject Carona’s successor

Jon Fleischman, the former PR flack for disgraced, and resigned, O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona, was supposed to speak tonight at the San Diego GOP Central Committee meeting. But he didn’t show up. I wonder why? My guess is that he is focusing on kissing up to Jack Anderson, the Deputy Sheriff that Carona tried to put in charge as he was resigning.

Now that we know Carona favors Anderson, we obviously need to OPPOSE Anderson. In fact, it looks like the O.C. Board of Supervisors is going do to exactly that: “The Orange County Board of Supervisors Tuesday will start the search for a successor to Sheriff Mike Carona, but may first deny the appointment of Carona’s hand-picked heir apparent.” (O.C. Register)

Well, I hope that the Supervisors give Anderson the boot. He is a member of the OC GOP machine, as a member of the OC GOP Central Committee. And he is obviously a Carona boot-licker. No thanks Jack!

Here’s hoping the Board of Supervisors looks to someone outside of the Carona cabal as the interim Sheriff. I don’t think they ought to go with Bill Hunt. His past is checkered. He was the guy who interfered when the Haidl punk was pulled over with pot in his car. We don’t need another Sheriff who will be resorting to breaking the law instead of enforcing the law.

I still think L.A. Commander Ralph Martin would be the best choice as our interim, and eventually elected, Sheriff. The fact that Martin, a longtime O.C. resident, is not part of Carona’s department is a big plus.

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