Why is Tinajero going after Thomas Gordon?

So why is Santa Ana Councilman Sal Tinajero trying to remove our co-blogger, Thomas Gordon, from the EPIC/Gang Commission? That question was on everyone’s lips yesterdays. I am not sure there is a single answer, but let’s consider what we do know.

Gordon, even before he was on the EPIC/Gang Commission, was known for his supernatural ability to sniff out taggers and get them arrested. He has called me on several such occasions. But he has become frustrated over time with a Santa Ana Police Department that is rude, non-responsive to residents, and often so late to arrive to a crime scene that the miscreants are long gone.

Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez, who is allied with Tinajero, loves to kiss up to the SAPD police officer’s union. It might well be that they asked her, and Tinajero, to do something about Gordon. They would rather silence a critic than do their jobs!

That is one theory. Another is that Councilman Vince Sarmiento, who has never won any elections, is sweating it now that he is facing an opponent in his bid to win Ward 1 next year. That would be Jim Walker, a community activist who is popular with the folks that our co-blogger Sean Mill likes to call the “Usual Suspects.” Gordon has been talking up Walker to a few folks lately, including Mill. Could it be that Sarmiento asked Tinajero to take out Gordon, as a preemptive strike?

If so, Sarmiento’s move has backfired, big time. Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Commissioner Julie Stroud, who is one of the most active “Usual Suspects” is now organizing her friends and fellow activists to show up to tomorrow’s City Council meeting to speak out on Gordon’s behalf. So now, more than ever, the “Usual Suspects” are going to be mad at Sarmiento and company – which will be a boon to Walker. Imagine if Walker shows up to the City Council meeting, which will be televised, and speaks out on Gordon’s behalf, after introducing himself as a City Council candidate for Ward 1? Can you say “free publicity?”

But Julie is not the only one rallying the troops for Gordon. I received a plethora of emails and phone calls yesterday from folks riled up about what Tinajero is up to. There is word from several sources that the ENTIRE EPIC/Gang Commission is going to show up to the City Council meeting to defend Gordon. And they might well resign on the spot if he is removed from their Commission. Tinajero clearly did not think this move through very well. He NEVER spoke to ANY of these Commissioners before moving against Gordon.

Tinajero might also be going after Gordon because of a housing development project that Gordon has questioned. The traffic study regarding that project was bogus. A lot of folks are riled up about that project, but Tinajero has disregarded them in his rush to shill for the developer. I wonder how much money Tinajero’s campaign account will be receiving from that developer?

If Tinajero succeeds in taking out Gordon, we are going to make up “Che Guevara” style t-shirts with Gordon’s face on them and sell them. We will donate the profits to one of Gordon’s favorite charities.

As for Tinajero, he has now lost whatever friends he had left. Progressive Democrats are MAD at Tinajero, as are conservative Republicans. Tinajero has succeeded in unifying everyone against him! What a dope.

And Tinajero’s adviser, Sean Mill, is in Mexico for two weeks, so Tinajero is flying solo. Mill must have been the brains in Tinajero’s operation, because the minute he left town, the wheels fell of Tinajero’s wagon.

Don’t blame me! I voted for George Collins last year. Be sure to check out Collins’ website. He has a ton of great video up showing how hypocritical Tinajero and the other village idiots on the Santa Ana City Council are. Great stuff.

And be sure to email Tinajero and ask him why he is such a complete buffoon. I mean, does he have to work at it, or does being a pendejo come naturally to him?

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