Tinajero’s reason for removing Thomas Gordon from EPIC is a lie!

Many of our readers have been asking “why is Santa Ana Councilman Sal Tinajero going after Thomas Gordon,” with regard to Tinajero’s agenda item for tonight’s Council meeting, proposing to dump Gordon from the City’s EPIC/Gang Commission. Now the O.C. Register has reported what Tinajero’s attack on Gordon is going to be.

Here are a few excerpts from the Register’s article:

The councilman who appointed him to the post, Sal Tinajero, said he decided it was time for Gordon to go after a confrontation at a recent traffic meeting. Tinajero hosted the meeting and said that Gordon tried to dominate a question-and-answer session.

When he tried to move along the meeting, Tinajero said, Gordon pointed at him and shouted, “Get over here.”

Gordon said the exchange never happened. “I don’t know what he’s possibly even referring to,” he said, adding that Tinajero never approached him about his behavior after the meeting.

Gordon, a one-time candidate for mayor, has made little secret of his frustrations with how the city handles issues ranging from gangs and graffiti to street repairs and shopping-cart thefts. He’s one of the writers on a blog site called “The Orange Juice!” that has hounded city officials.

Council members have talked in the past about removing Gordon and two other commissioners who also write for the blog, accusing them of spreading misinformation and making personal attacks. But Tinajero said Gordon’s work on the blog had nothing to do with his decision to seek his removal.

“I just don’t conduct business the way he conducts business,” Tinajero said. He said he plans to appoint a Santa Ana teaching student named Rebecca Plascencia to fill Gordon’s spot on the commission.

Well, it turns out that Tinajero is a big mentiroso. As if we did not know that already. George Collins, who ran against Tinajero last year for Ward 6, filmed the traffic meeting that Tinajero referred to in his comments to the Register. Collins took the time to watch all of the footage. The actions alleged by Tinajero never happened. I don’t know if Collins has this footage up on his website, but take a look and see for yourself.

It is ironic that Tinajero is talking about how to conduct business. He acted like a complete ass at a recent City Council meeting when he attacked his fellow Council Members, David Benavides and Michele Martinez, during a discussion regarding the bogus Measure D. He was also rude to the Chair of the EPIC/Gang Commission when she showed up to a Council meeting and asked the Council Members why they don’t participate in the EPIC/Gang Commission meetings.

As Thomas pointed out to the Register, Tinajero had ample opportunities to talk to him about his alleged behavior. And Tinajero could have called him and asked him to resign. What this is all about is Tinajero trying to act like a big shot by calling Gordon on the mat and attacking him publicly. The problem for Tinajero is that A LOT of folks are going to be there tonight. And Tinajero won’t like what they will have to say to him. On camera.

By the way, does anyone think that the “teaching student” Tinajero wants to replace Thomas with is going to contribute anywhere near what Thomas contributes to the EPIC/Gang Commission? Crea que no.

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